I really like him – 16th September 1999

Thursday 16th I had quite a good day today, mainly because of my 3 free periods.

In the 1st one, I hung round with Lizzie, Oscar, Aled, Rani, Freda and a couple of others just playing cards and stuff. Then Emma asked me at lunch if I wanted to go to The Coach and Horses with her and Davis Nolan and a few others. We didn’t go in the end, we went and sat in the common room downstairs in college for a change with all the College 2s. Emma said Zoe (who was with us) and I were the only people brave enough to go with her. There’s a better atmosphere down there because there’s the pool table and music and stuff.

I noticed this lad at lunch and a couple of other times over the last few weeks. I don’t particularly fancy him, it’s just at lunch when I looked over he was looking at me. I spotted him a few times but he just looked away. Abby was the one who eventually helped me identify him. I’ve got to point him out to her sometime to be sure but she thinks it’s ‘Trotter’ (Darren Lawton’s his real name) who used to go out with her mate Jacqueline.

In my 2nd free period I stayed downstairs and chatted to Emma and Zoe until Emma had to go to her lesson when I had my 3rd free period. Then Zoe and I went back upstairs. Hayley’d been talking to Ferny by herself and I was a bit jealous I have to say but they had to go to their lessons after the bell went.

Aled came back up then. I thought he’d gone home but he was still there for some reason. I just talked to him mostly then. He makes me laugh, I really like him. He can be horrible to people he really doesn’t like though.

Then on my way home, I heard someone shout my name and I turned round and it was Aled again with Julien Olsen. He was going to Julien’s house to get his bike because that’s where he goes some mornings. I don’t know why. So, I walked half way home with them before they went off to the estate.

Bella Jameson and Rani are coming to the cinema with Zoe and me now. We asked Bella but Rani just invited herself. Not pleased!


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