Ewan Swann is dead good at sketching – 26th-31st July 1998

Friday 31st I’m back from Paris now. It was quite good but not as good as Austria. Different type of holiday, that. I’ll tell you what happened briefly on each day…

Sunday 26th We had to get up at about 4:15am and get ready to go to school. I was worried where I’d be sat and we ended up with Emma and I sat together and Olivia and Cat Elliot sat behind us which was good. The journey was boring and so was the ferry crossing coz it was dead calm.

We finally arrived at Hotel Monfortel and it wasn’t anything special. It was cramped in our room and hot. We couldn’t actually get into our room to start with coz the handle was knackered. We got the hang of it eventually.

[This horrific early example of a selfie was taken in the room described above which perhaps explains the apparent misery.]

We discovered that you could ring each other’s room without charge so that was good.

The food was okay but not brilliant.

We also spotted this freak stood on his balcony all the time and watching us. We thought he was a paedophile or something so we started calling him Peedo then Peedy then the name Peeday stuck.

Monday 27th We played in the Swing Band at Jardin de Luxembourg in the afternoon and we visited the Eiffel Tower in the morning. We went right to the top.

[The numbers on the tower were counting down the days until the Millennium.]

[The numbers on the tower were counting down the days until the Millennium (which I still think is only about 6 years ago).]

The concert went really well and we got asked to go to Toronto in Canada and loads of other people were getting our address and stuff.

After the concert we were allowed to get lunch and walk round the park. Olivia, Emma and I found some fit French lads. Most of them were black and I liked the one with a baseball cap. He was gorgeous.

Some of the girls in our year spotted them talking to us and walked past and the lads ignored them. It was so funny coz they’re not used to lads preferring us over them coz a few of them are right slappers.

Tuesday 28th We played at Notre Dame today.

I discovered that Ewan Swann is dead good at sketching coz he was drawing Gemma Crowther. [He was trying to be like Leo DiCaprio in Titanic, probably in an attempt to make all the girls swoon.] I started to like him a bit coz I’d been watching him and he’s not bad actually. [Draw me like one of your French girls, Ewan].

I spoke to Ewan on the phone too coz he happened to answer when my room rang his room. We were just talking about nothing really and then Charlie Wilson came on the phone.

We also got the chance to shop in Paris and Olivia and I got a bit lost.

Monmatre too. Got my hair braided.

Wednesday 29th Very bad day at Euro Disney.

It started off when we were on our way to Space Mountain and I stopped to talk to my sister, Abby, for a couple of seconds. Olivia and Emma saw me but just carried on. I tried to follow but lost them. I saw Emma further up the queue so I waited at the exit. Then I started seeing people who’d gone in after them come out. That included Mr P and he said if I hadn’t found them within 10 mins I should meet the teachers by the pink castle.

That’s what I had to do and I was trying so hard to hold back the tears. Then I saw Abby again and just cried with relief. Then her mates disappeared. We found Mr P again a lot later with Rina H and Caroline Middleton. We went on some pirate thing, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain overall. We did find her mates again and that’s who we went on Space Mountain with.

I fell out with Emma and Olivia until I was sure they were feeling really guilty and were genuinely sorry. Later I found out they’d been with Ewan and Charlie and James (gotta call Dougie that from now on) and people and I could’ve been too if they hadn’t run off.

Thursday 30th Journey back. Me and my mates got the back seat. I reckon (and so does Emma) that Ewan may fancy Olivia coz he kept asking her stuff like what music she likes and he was being nice.

The ferry crossing was top! It was dead rough and everyone was puking. I didn’t coz I stayed outside. [I’m much less likely to be seasick if I’m distracted by being freezing cold.] I spoke to Ewan a bit too. He had a baseball cap on so that increased the amount that I liked him.

[Not wearing his cap but he was holding one of his Leo DiCaprio wannabe sketches.]

[Stealth photo of Ewan. Not wearing his baseball cap but holding one of his Leo DiCaprio-wannabe sketches.]

Well, I’m home now and bored. All holiday, Emma was flirting with Charlie. It’s so unfair on Freddie. Slapper. Dougie went with Sophie Rowling and Gemma Crowther had an affair with Davis Nolan coz she’s going out with Adrian Ford.

Emma never went with Charlie even when he asked her but she bloody well encouraged him.

I like Dougie. I don’t fancy him, he’s just a nice guy. [How times change.] He was asking Abby how I was after Disney and he said he liked me to her.


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