A complete waste of 40p! – 23rd-27th May 1996

Thursday 23rd  What can I say? Assembly = PERFECTION.


Leona (because of nerves) kept stuttering, Freda brought the wrong clothes, Sarah was far too quiet and I was worrying too much! After school, Dougie came up to me and said, “I couldn’t hear you in the assembly but it was still good”. Maybe if he wasn’t sitting at the back talking he would have heard me. Anyway, I couldn’t hear him too well in his form assembly and I was sat at the front!

Emma shut me in the music room with Bobby, George and Dougie playing different tunes badly on the keyboards. Dougie has this thing about staring at people and standing right near people and he was doing that to me! I hope Emma didn’t notice. I wonder what he’d think of Mollie. Bye!

Friday 24th You’ll never believe what Freda did today! It was so stupid and a complete waste of 40p! She paid Kevin Hyde 40p to shout, “Tess loves Dougie!” in front of me and Dougie and all our friends and he did it! It was SO embarrassing for both of us! Thank goodness it’s the half term holidays now and hopefully by the end of it everyone will have more or less forgotten!

I got the local paper today but there was no picture of Dougie in it. Never mind! Bye!

Sunday 26th With all the stuff going on yesterday I never had time to write an entry. Mainly, Abby had a sleepover party. I’m really tired now. All I’ve really done all day is sit in front of the television. I’m glad I got my homework done so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Bye!

Monday 27th My Auntie G and Grandma S came here today. As usual they sat and talked for ages. Grandma give me £5 and a bar of chocolate covered marzipan. Mmm! Auntie G gave me a bath thing that smells of coconuts too.

I’ve just wrapped Abby’s birthday presents. They are an Adidas tracksuit [that’ll go nicely with the tartan or leather trousers] and a soft toy sunflower thing. I’ve also been watching Billy Connolly on TV. He is very rude but also very, very funny. It makes me feel uncomfortable watching it in front of Mum so I just wrapped presents and wrote cards! Bye!

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