I have a whistling window – 28th-31st May 1996

Tuesday 28th It’s Abby’s birthday so for a treat we went to Granada Studios. It was really good. First of all we went on the tour backstage of everything like Coronation Street. We saw the sets and make-up rooms, costumes and props.

After that we went to Baker Street, you know, Sherlock Holmes and stuff. That was really impressive because it was like a real Victorian street only indoors. You could go in some of the shops.

Then we went on to Coronation Street which was great! It’s 3 times smaller than it looks on telly!

Then we went to the Deadly FX show which was about how the blood and gore and cutting of people is made to look real. They made it very funny too! Almost straight after that there was the sounds show where a man from Glasgow picked people from the audience to do the sound effects from this film. Bye!

Wednesday 29th While a few of my friends went shopping in town, Abby, Mum and I went to Altrincham for stuff. I got 2 T-shirts, one from C&A which was black with a few little pictures on the front, and the other was an Umbro one with writing on the front and the same thing but back-to-front on the back. I also got a pair of black leggings from Tammy Girl. The Umbro T-shirt was a creamy colour from JJB Sports. Bye!

Thursday 30th It’s been quite warm today and everyone has been a bit too hot. It’s quite windy tonight as well. I like the wind I suppose because it makes it fresher but at night when I’m trying to sleep it’s a different story. I have a whistling window in my bedroom and when it gets windy it makes a really scary noise. Bye!

Friday 31st I had a phone call from Hayley asking if I wanted to go to her house but she came here in the end to take Mollie to the nature reserve. When we got there we found the gates were locked and that it’s closed on Fridays! That seems really daft.

We went to the park instead but I wasn’t too keen on going there because dogs are allowed off leads and there is usually at least one big dog that comes over. That happened. I get a bit nervous of other peoples’ dogs, especially the large ones.

We went to The Kebab House in Liverpool for a meal and told Abby not to take her jumper off because she was wearing her Manchester United shirt underneath!

I am a bit worried now because I should have had a period by now but I haven’t. It was about 2 and a half months between my first and second and it has been that much time again. I think I should have had a 3rd one by now. I’ll probably have one tomorrow knowing my luck because we’re going somewhere! At school it isn’t so bad because you don’t go very far but in the hols it kind of takes the fun out of it! [Not according to the Bodyform adverts.] Bye!

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