We’re going to take her for a kebab for her birthday – 20th-22nd May 1996

Monday 20th Not much has happened today but I think for the first time this year our English lesson was quite good! We went on the computers in the IT room and designed newspapers. If I had been on my own I would’ve panicked but we worked in twos. I was with Lucy. She is quite happy and cheerful but she can’t spell! Also, we got halfway through the story and Lucy deleted the whole lot!

Freda never stopped today on the subject of Tess 4 Dougie. She knows I go to Scotland a lot so she was going on about Dougie’s favourite place being the Scottish moors where he could pick heather for me. She says she could imagine us going out with each other and that we would make a good couple!!! Bye!

Tuesday 21st Well, Mum was 45 today and, amazingly, I don’t think I’ve heard her complain! We’re going to take her for a kebab for her birthday in Liverpool soon. [Not as dire as it seems. It was a proper restaurant.]

It’s my form’s class assembly on Thursday and it’s about fashion. There are lots of little sketch type things by different groups and I’m with Freda, Leona and Sarah. It’s about attention seeking. BORING!

Emma was trying to make me admit I fancy Dougie all the way through Science (I wouldn’t). On the way home, I was talking to Leona about how Emma is said to fancy Owen Kendal (Dougie’s friend) and guess who was walking behind. Yes, Dougie! I turned round and he was smiling at me as if he’d heard every word! I hope not. Bye!

Wednesday 22nd It’s our assembly tomorrow and I really don’t want to do it! Our scene has changed from being about a fashion victim [wonder if I was going to borrow Abby’s tartan trousers] to being about somebody dressing up for attention [wonder if I borrowed Abby’s leather trousers]. It had better go right. I missed my lunch break to go to the Science lab to practice! I can just picture the 200-odd pupils from my year watching! ARRGGHH!!! I HATE doing things like this!

Dougie is weird sometimes. As I was going to the lab at lunch, he was just smiling at me for no reason again! Emma thinks that he likes me but I’m not too sure about that.

I’ve just thought, Dougie will probably watch the assembly too! Oh no! I shouldn’t care really but I do! Bye!

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