He went bright red – 16th-19th May 1996

Thursday 16th When I got to school today I realised that I had forgotten my tennis racket and flute! Luckily Mum remembered and brought my flute.

After school, my friends and the boys were on the school field just talking and stuff. Dougie (who Emma and Freda still think I fancy – he’s just OK) [LIAR] asked me if I had my tennis racket. He always asks if I want a game of tennis and when I said I’d forgotten it, he said, “Well, go home and get it!” Yeah, right. The quickest way is through the fields and that still takes ages. Then he was asking me if I was at the cinema or something. I don’t know what he was on about!

I’ll probably write a lot more about Dougie. Not because I’m obsessed with him [whatever] but because he’s just always there. Just there. [?!] Bye!

Friday 17th Last night I forgot to mention that Emma asked Dougie what had caused a (not proper) fight with the boys. She said he went bright red. She told Freda who then told Bobby to ask Dougie out for me!

Leona was away today. We think she’s in Scotland but nobody is sure.

I got back my German test marks this morning. I got 19/40 which is near bottom of the class. We also got our Geography marks back which I got 68% in. That was quite high in the class.

I got away without reading out my English poem today but I’ll probably have to do it on Monday knowing my luck.

Emma got her photo taken for the local newspaper today for winning a silver certificate in a Maths competition. Dougie had one taken too. I’m going to try and get the paper so I can see and keep the picture of them all! Bye!

Sunday 19th Abby went to Blackpool with her friend for the weekend so Mum and Dad said that I could have someone to stay last night. I invited Hayley. She’s a friendly, cheerful person who always has something to say. We picked her up and went straight to the cinema to see ‘Dunsten Checks In’. It was a really good film about an orang-utan in a hotel or something. It was quite funny too.

We watched the Eurovision Song Contest for most of the night and Ireland won (AGAIN). The UK came 7th with ‘Ooh Aah, Just a Little Bit’ by Gina G which I thought was good. I did like the one that won though. Bye!

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