I’m his cyber-girl – 11th September 1997

Thursday 11th I’ve done a full week in school now. This morning, I had Science, Business and Geography.

In Geography, I am still sitting in front of them. Neil was being weird and I looked at Dougie and he looked at me and we both looked at Neil being weird and got on with our work.

I couldn’t believe it this afternoon! Freda and I were actually friends! Emma found out that we were both involved in the Freddie thing yesterday and had a right go at us. We found it funny and she did her ‘silent snob’ routine on us. So, just to get her back, we said exactly what we said to Freddie to Neil K. Only Emma doesn’t know yet! [As a frequent victim of Freda, I should’ve had much more sympathy for Emma.]

I’m going out with someone called Andy. Well, I’m his cyber-girl anyway. [Jesus.] He’s 15 and lives in West Kirby. His screen name is Byker. I don’t know why. He has one really major fault though. I’m sorry to say that he supports… them… from Scouseland… Liverpool F.C.! It’s a crime! People should be arrested for that sort of thing! URGH!!! [Yet I was still willing to be his ‘cyber-girl’.]

That’s one of Dougie’s good points. Football. He supports the rulers. Manchester United. Nice one, Dougie!

Oh yeah, before I forget, England beat Moldova 4-0 last night in the World Cup qualifying rounds. YES!!!


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