Was it a coincidence or not? – 24th March 1997

[This diary entry made me cringe and question my sanity more than any have for a while. Please don’t judge me too hard. I have blossomed into a relatively normal, non-stalking and captivatingly beautiful* adult.]

*This isn’t true. ‘I’ll do’ just about covers it.

Monday 24th Emma and I went to Lizzie’s house today. My mum ran us to her village and we went straight to Lizzie’s. We more or less went straight to Lucy’s house from there in the hope of seeing Dougie. She lives next door to him. [This gets far, FAR worse.]

We didn’t see Dougie so the 4 of us went for a walk until we ended up at the park. We went past Owen Kendal’s house too who I DON’T like. We went onto the park play area and talked about, well, lads mainly. We were planning where and who we would go camping with or something.

Eventually, we just went back to Lucy’s and on the way we saw Dougie’s mum drive past. I recognised the car and Dougie’s mum [from previous stalking missions] who’s got short, blonde hair and glasses.

On the way past Dougie’s house, Lucy decided to call on him. The rest of us stood at the end of the drive. [Taking in every detail, it seems…] I didn’t know if I wanted to see him or not, well, I did, but I thought he might think we were following him. [WE WERE!]

Lucy came down the drive again then his middle sister came to the side gate and got Dougie. He came down to Lucy in a grey ‘Green Flag’ England t-shirt and blue jeans and Adidas trainers and said, “Sorry, I can’t come out now. I’ve got to look after my sisters.” Ahh, how sweet. It’s the angel side of him coming out again!

We went up to Lucy’s room and I looked out of her window only the side of his house and his drive. His mum came back with his littlest sister and he came to the side door and went in again. (His sisters look a bit like him actually.)

I found a photo of him when he was about 10. He was quite fat or it might just have been the photo.

We went outside again and stood on the hill opposite his house and talked. We then went back to Lucy’s again and then came back outside. I saw him and his middle sister opening the garage. [God, this is tedious!]

No-one saw them until they started playing basketball. His sister was thrashing him at it so I said, “Are you winning?” and he got 1 in. So I said, “One basket” which set Emma off counting him.

This cat then came out and Emma was being stupid. Dougie then came up to us and said to me, “Do you want a go?” and held the ball out to me. I said, “No, I’m alright thanks.” [No doubt in absolute panic mode.] He asked us quite a few times but we refused. (Emma thought he was talking to all of us. She’s just jealous!) I wish we hadn’t refused now.

It must’ve looked so stupid with us all standing at the end of his drive. [Yep.] We went eventually and he went in at the same time. Was it a coincidence or not?


[Now for the stalkiest thing I’ve possibly ever done (time will tell) that even rivals drawing Dougie… I drew his house. FROM TWO DIFFERENT ANGLES.]

March 1997 - Dougie's house front 2

March 1997 - Dougie's house side

9 thoughts on “Was it a coincidence or not? – 24th March 1997

  1. Oh my god, this is brilliant haha!! The fact that it was topped off with pictures made it all the better!


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