Danny! Fit babe! – 26th June 1997

Thursday 26th It was Lizzie’s birthday today. It was also a form assembly. They were doing it on determination. It was more of an excuse for the silly bitches to prance around pretending to be the Spice Girls. It was Shauna Adams as Scary Spice, Hazel Carter as Sporty Spice, Megan Quinn as Ginger Spice, Daisy Smith as Baby Spice and Carly Jennings as Posh Spice.

Then Adrian Ford came on singing the Oasis song ‘She’s Electric’. It was funny coz he can’t sing.

All that was going on but I was paying more attention to who was doing the lighting. Danny! Fit babe! He really is!

My sister has been winding Becky (who fancies Dougie) up by saying I was going out with Dougie! [I wished.] That could have been very embarrassing if he got to hear about it!

Abby has become really violent recently. She reckons she’s dead hardcore but she’s not really. She’s a right thug and just now she was winding me up so I thumped her. I’m scared of going out of my room now. Seriously! I’ve got bruises up my shins from the last time I annoyed her!


4 thoughts on “Danny! Fit babe! – 26th June 1997

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