He’s a right creep – 1st & 2nd October 1999

Friday 1st Mr B wasn’t in today so we got a free period instead of Geography this morning. I like the way this college system works! So, Zoe and I went to the garage for food. I noticed Trotter in a room at the bottom of the college block so I took my time walking past. Zoe said he was looking at me but I didn’t notice. I can’t always tell where he’s looking because his eyes are a bit narrow. I saw him again at last lesson (which was another free period) just walking through the quad.

Oscar’s been really paranoid today. He seems to think everyone’s after Lizzie. There’s this new lad called Paul Wenham and he’s 18 tomorrow (he took a year out) and he’s a right creep in my opinion. He’s always hugging people or tickling them or putting his arm round them and he’s been doing it to Lizzie.

Big Paul (Wenham boy. He shall now be called Big Paul because he’s bigger than Paul Nutt who will either now be called Little Paul or Nutter.) decided he was going bowling tonight with Freda, Hayley, Lizzie etc. and, as soon as he said that, Oscar decided he was going too. Oscar also told Lizzie (who told me) that he reckons Aled’s been flirting with her. She says he doesn’t and when she told Aled he said he doesn’t and he wouldn’t do that to Oscar but as we walked the classroom Oscar was in, Aled put his arm round Lizzie just to wind him up. I think it’s snidey! Oscar’s so sweet!

Rani kept asking Aled if he fancied me today. He didn’t say no but then I was sat next to him.

I had this concert with Swing Band at the Parr Hall this evening to raise money for St Rocco’s Hospice. It was boring and, to avoid singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Jerusalem’ and stuff, Dougie, Brian Short and I escaped and sat outside. Some ex-footballer who played in the 1966 World Cup winning England match was there tonight in the audience. Gordon Brown, I think he’s called. [Not Gordon Brown but perhaps Gordon Banks.]


Saturday 2nd I feel like this has been a complete waste of a weekend. I’ve not been out anywhere with my mates – last night’s not counted! We went looking at cars today and Hayley phoned this evening and filled me in on last night. She said Big Paul seemed to know everyone and there was this lad who fancied her. She didn’t do anything with him though.

I wish I could’ve gone. I feel like I’ve missed out on stuff. Mind you, Hayley’s likely to have exaggerated on what really happened which wasn’t much anyway by the sounds of it. But I still would’ve liked to have gone.

I kind of accidentally on purpose phoned Dunny on my mobile tonight. I pressed send on his number but hung up as soon as I did it. I was just going to switch it off and he phoned back. The conversation went something like this:-

Me: Hello?
Dunny: Who are you?
Me: Who’s this?
Dunny: Who are you?
Me: I can’t hear you properly. Who is it?
Dunny: You just phoned me.
Me: No I didn’t.
Dunny: Yes you fucking did! You phoned then hung up.
Me: Sorry, my mates were messing about with my phone.
Dunny: What’s your name?
Me: Erm… Sarah.
Dunny: Oh. Bye.
Me: Bye.

I did a bit of lying but he knows Duncan so I was hardy going to have my real name. I hope no-one recognises it as my number!


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