He picked me up and swung me round and asked for a birthday kiss – 10th & 17th November 2002

Sunday 10th  Well, my last full week of being 19 wasn’t all that exciting. I helped Jonas make a model of a straw house and stayed at his a couple of times after spending most of my time doing coursework. He said he loves me lots. 🙂

Archie’s mate Tim came to say on Tuesday. We went to the bonfire at Storthes and it was a pretty good firework display. I saw a girl in my room that I had last year. We went to Visage afterwards but there was nobody there and Tim wouldn’t dance.

Archie knows Jen fancies him (because it’s blatantly obvious) but he didn’t know what she did with Kevin. I thought he did because she said she’d told him so I was talking about it. Oops!


[IDST was only ever going to be my cringeworthy teenage diaries but, as it turns out, I was no less embarrassing after my teens… so I might as well keep going.]

Sunday 17th  Well, I’m no longer a teenager anymore. I’m 20!! Wow. That sounds quite old. I still feel the same as I did when I was about 16!

On my last day of being 19 (Monday), Jonas’s Peugeot (Lily) failed her MOT. It’d cost him £300 to repair so it’s not really worth it seeing as he only paid £100-ish and has no money anyway. Jonas came round for a last drive in Lily and to stay over.

We stayed up until 12:14 am on 12th November (my time and date of birth) and Jonas made me go and hide in my room for a bit.

[Blurry selfie of the exact minute I turned 20.]

He then put his hands over my eyes and guided me into the kitchen. He’d bought me a Tweenies cake (because Michael said I remind him of Fizz when I get excited) with 20 candles and sand Happy Birthday to me. He’d also got me a huge card and he had to cover up Howley with a heart inside. He said Paul interrupted him while he was writing it and he’s accidentally put his full name on!

[My birthday card and Tweenies cake. I thought I was SO OLD.]

He’d bought me 3 presents too. A kung fu hamster, a beady necklace and 3 beady bracelets. J I love Jonas! He got me the Caesar III computer game too for my laptop because I used to have it at home. It was all really nice. He kept saying he loves me and happy birthday and cuddling me. Mmm! 🙂

I was woken up by a Happy Birthday from Jonas as he left in the morning for work on Tuesday. Jen had made me some Happy Birthday signs and stuck them around the house. I also had 3 cards and 3 texts. My tickets for Visage arrived too.

Abby came that afternoon with Mum and Dad. I got some money, tops and cushions from them which was good.

That evening, we all dressed up and went off to the school disco at Visage. We started in Milton but everyone else was in normal clothes so we didn’t stay long. I didn’t buy one drink! There were loads of people out too which was nice.

[Me, Abby and my tiny Nokia with a battery that lasted about a year.]

Marc out of my flat last year introduced me to his girlfriend, Jodie. I already knew who she was because she’d got off with Ben and stalked Jake apparently.

Pierced Sam was going round kissing everyone in Visage. I got a big kiss on the lips but then so did Jonas so it didn’t really matter!

Jonas turned up quite late actually but said I looked really fit. I got lots of snogs from him too. 🙂

Some guy Jen knows was also 20 in my birthday and when he found out he picked me up and swung me round and asked for a birthday kiss. I said no. He was a bit of a prick obviously. I actually felt very light-headed and had no appetite. It could’ve been because I came on my period though. Typical timing on my birthday!

I skived uni on Wednesday and Abby went home. Jonas stayed over. Not much happened for the rest of the week. I saw lots of Jonas though.

I had a major go at Kevin today. I got back from Jonas’s to be told that Kevin hadn’t phoned British Gas to sort the boiler out again. He also hadn’t bought any bread or milk as usual. He just stood and listened because there was no way he could defend himself as it was all true. Jen didn’t bloody well help. She just stood at the top of the stairs and listened. Both she and Archie said he deserved it though. I know!



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