Snotty little bleeders – 9th December 1999

Thursday 9th I went into Warrington with Lizzie today in search of a black skirt for partying in but all I got was a pair of gloves. We were also on the lookout for fit lads although there don’t seem to be many around! We did see Freddie Bevan and said hi.

Hayley wasn’t pleased about us going to town. I know because this morning I was talking to Rachael Hollins and she asked if I’d heard what Hayley had just said. Apparently she’d spoken obviously loudly for me to hear but I hadn’t so Rach told me she’d said, “Some people are going to town today without inviting other people.”

Bitch! Why shouldn’t I go to town without her when she’s such a cow to me all the time? She had lessons all day too and she knew I knew that. What is her problem?

It was the 1st night of the Xmas concerts at school tonight and Abby had her saxophone nicked. Mr P was really unsympathetic and Dad was really cross. He says he’s going into school tomorrow to speak to Mr C the headteacher because we shouldn’t have to pay for it seeing as instruments are meant to be safe in the room allocated for them. He also said he’d like to get his hands on “the snotty little bleeders who nicked it”. They wouldn’t stand a chance if he did!

I wish Hayley’d move schools. I shouldn’t let her bother me but it’s not nice knowing you’re constantly being slagged off by a twisted bitch like that. The thing is, she’s too soft to go anywhere out of the village so the chances of her pissing off and spreading her misery elsewhere are pretty low.


SHIT SHIT SHIT PLEASE HELP!! – 8th December 1999

Wednesday 8th Lizzie dumped Brett this morning. It wasn’t unexpected for me but I don’t think poor Brett saw it coming. She’s been going off him for a while now but she said last night was the final straw. I got a text message last night from her explaining what he’d said. It said, “OH MY GOD! I JUST GOT A MESSAGE FROM BRETT ASKING IF I WOULD SLEEP WITH HIM! OH SHIT WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHIT SHIT SHIT PLEASE HELP!!”

Basically it panicked her slightly! So this morning she dumped him via text message. It just said stuff about how she thought they shouldn’t see each other anymore because they wanted different things out of their relationship and stuff like that. She got one from him later apologising and asking why and saying he’d gone home from school because he felt sick. I reckon he just didn’t want his mates to see him being reduced to a jabbering wreck by a girl!

I do feel sorry for him though. He really, really likes Lizzie and he must be so gutted. It’s like what happened to Oscar all over again except she dumped Oscar because he wouldn’t do much whereas Brett wants to do more.

Speaking of Oscar, I spoke to him at lunch to tell him the news of the break up but he said he didn’t care because he is getting a new girlfriend on Monday. It sounds like he’s ordered her from an Argos catalogue!! Apparently she works at McDonald’s with him, is called Dion and is nice. That was all I could get out of him except that he’s happy.

Later this evening, Lizzie phoned and said Brett had phoned her and started asking why again and asking if there was anything he could do to get back with her. He also said that it’d take him about 18 months to get over her because it took him ages to get over his last girlfriend and he loved Lizzie more.

He then asked if she’d cried. She told me she felt like a right hard cow when she said no. Well, I think Brett’s being a bit wet really! He won’t get anywhere using the soppy approach with Lizzie.


I’d rather be single over Xmas and the Millennium – 6th December 1999

Monday 6th I was right about Hayley. All she wanted to tell me was about this lad who fancied her at LA Bowl. Her version was that, just as she was going to do something about it, he left. Zoe’s version was that Hayley was being soft and scared about it even after he left. I think Zoe’s story’s more believable.

Those 2 have spent all day slagging each other off too. They’re not getting on well. Hayley thinks Zoe’s a slapper (I think it’s jealousy because Zoe has the guts to go for lads) and Zoe thinks Hayley’s just generally annoying (this is true but she probably also knows Hayley’s opinion of her and doesn’t like it).

Lizzie told me this morning that, she’s not sure, but Leon and Becki might be going out again. I’m not too bothered if they are because I think I’d rather be single over Xmas and the Millennium instead of tied down to one lad!

The story is that at swimming yesterday, Becki was whining on about how she really liked Leon but she told Lizzie that she just wanted to meet [snog] him (no commitment, just snogging every so often). Lizzie, having rather a large gob on her, let this slip to Damon who went and told Leon. Becki is now not very pleased with Lizzie. Apparently though, Brett and Damon were trying to put Leon off going back out with Becki. We’re not sure if they succeeded though.

Mrs C’s making each of us stand up in class tomorrow and teach everyone else parts of a Geography question. I hate doing things like that. I was seriously considering skiving until I remember it’s parents’ evening tomorrow night! Bugger!



Why do girls have to be so bitchy? – 5th December 1999

Sunday 5th Abby came home last night and told me that Ewan fancies her mate Alice. Well, it’s hardly a surprise really. For a start, he liked her last time I liked him and it’s also just my bloody luck!

I was listening to the radio before and it said that Cliff Richard’s ‘Millennium Prayer’ was still at number one in the charts. A lot of people have been laughing about that but my mum pointed out that it probably should be at no.1 because it’s a religious song and without religion there’d be no year 2000. She’s right. People (me included) seem to forget about when it was the years were counted from and if Jesus hadn’t been born, the Millennium wouldn’t be coming up.

I was on the phone to Rhian before and then was watching stuff on TV. During that time, Hayley rang my mobile about 8 times. I didn’t answer because it came up on the screen that it was her and I know what she wants to tell me about and I can’t be bothered with her.

You see, Zoe rang earlier and told me that, last night for Esther Trent’s birthday, she, Esther, Bridget and Hayley went bowling. Zoe snogged 2 lads and Hayley had an offer but didn’t take it. That last part’ll be what she wants to tell me.

I’ve had all this before when I didn’t go somewhere and she did and some lad wanted to meet [snog] her (but she didn’t) and she goes on + on + on + on + on about it, I presume to try and make me jealous. I just can’t be bothered risking speaking to her coz I’ll only get annoyed with the stupid girl and say something I shouldn’t and she’ll take it the wrong way and won’t speak to me. Mind you, she’ll probably be in a mood with me tomorrow because I didn’t answer the phone or ring her back. She never thinks that maybe I didn’t hear it ring or anything,although, in this case, she’d be right to think I was ignoring the calls!

Rhian’s still having trouble with her “friend” Laura Morgan. Laura won’t speak to her, Rhian thinks because she’s just fed up of her but she’s give the excuse that Rhian deliberately wears tight tops to show off her rather large top half to get attention from lads, which she does. Sounds to me like rather a large touch of jealously.

Why do girls have to be so bitchy? I can’t really complain coz I’ve had my moments too but we all have it in us to control ourselves and we should do so.


Really soft with stupid Elvis hair – 1st-4th December 1999

Wednesday 1st There was quite a bad car accident on the way home from kickboxing tonight. One car was on its side and another was upside-down in a field. The scary thing was that we were first there after the police. If we’d have left a few minutes earlier we could’ve been involved. I hate to see accidents like that, it really upsets me.

I still can’t stand Hayley. This morning, I think she was quite pleased to hear that Leon and Jodie were a potential item and then she started saying how Leon was really soft with stupid Elvis hair and that he reminded her of Richard Willers (who I wouldn’t exactly call good looking) deliberately loudly in front of everyone, I reckon to try and humiliate me. Bitch!

Then I had to put up with her all afternoon coz she tagged along with Rachael and I when we were delivering invitations to old people about the Xmas party at school. Rach doesn’t like Hayley either so neither of us were pleased.


Thursday 2nd Not much happened today. Lizzie said that Jodie doesn’t fancy Leon and that she’s happy with the boyfriend she’s got. Good!

Later, Gethin told me and Lizzie that we were 2 of his favourite girls along with Emma and Suzanna. Aaah, sweet!


Saturday 4th I went to see the new James Bond film ‘The World Is Not Enough’ last night with Cat, Lizzie and Poppy. It was quite a good film but it ended really late. Before out film, we had an hour or so to waste so Lizzie phoned Brett and he and that lad from bonfire night came to meet us there for a bit. There wasn’t much mention of Leon, only Brett asking if I still liked him but I lied and said no.

When we got into the film, Cat ended up with Charlie Wilson sat behind her (she snogged him in Belgium). He and the lad he was with kept whispering and saying, “Chris Kelly-Banks” very loudly every so often!

I had a great dream last night! Hayley was yelling stuff at me so I started doing some kickboxing on her and she shut up so I started saying all the things that really need to be said and she then pissed off with no friends and left me alone. I don’t know what would’ve happened next coz my mum woke me up. I was quite disappointed to find out that it hasn’t all been real!

Sarah and Freda both went round to Hayley’s last night. No doubt they had a good bitch about me and possibly Lizzie.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that during my free period yesterday some of my mates were trying to lift people up in a sitting position with only 4 people using 2 fingers. One person had to sit on a chair and the other 4 people stood around them and put their hands one over the other (but not touching) over the sitting person’s head. They counted to 10 and then they put 2 fingers under each arm and knee and lifted. It worked. Sarah went right up to the ceiling. I don’t know how it works though.

My sister’s going to the Coach Horse pub with her mates, May’s boyfriend and Ewan Swann coz they’re mates. I found myself feeling really pissed off coz Ewan was going. I don’t want to start fancying him again but I think I’m heading that way. The person I really want is Leon but he’s obviously just not interested.


I don’t do honeymonsters! – 30th November 1999

Tuesday 30th I had a slightly better school day today. Zoe’s speaking to me again and by 3rd lesson so was Hayley but I still can’t stand the girl so when I got home I drew this: ↓


It made me feel much better!

She was still being a bitch 1st thing, for example I tried to talk to her but she gave the childish comment of, “I think I just heard some sort of murmur.” Oh, grow up!

Freda also informed me after school that I was being discussed in their R.E. lesson this afternoon but that might just have been Freda trying to stir things.

I had a message on my phone from Lizzie this evening containing bad news. It said, “JUST SPOKE TO BRETT + HE SAID THAT JODIE HAD TOLD LEON SHE STILL LIKES HIM. DON’T GET IT. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND ALREADY.”

Yet again I got my hopes up that I might be back in with a chance with Leon, only to hear this. Just my bloody luck!

Zoe phoned before and told me she’d spoken to Reevesy. He says he still likes me. Yuk, yuk, yuk!!! I don’t do honeymonsters! Lads cause way too much trouble!


She shoved her nose high in the air – 29th November 1999

Monday 29th I had more trouble with Zoe and guess who else joined in? Yes, that’s right, Twisted Bitch Hayley. Zoe was absolutely fine with me on the way to school this morning and we were discussing the Reevesy situation quite openly. That all changed after the 1st lesson when she’d spent an hour with Hayley.

I got the hint 1st thing this morning that Hayley wasn’t best pleased with me because she stormed in and went into a corner with Emma, Freda, Georgia Dean, Lena and a couple of others and started flapping her arms wildly about in my direction whilst talking deliberately loudly, although all I heard was, “blah, blah, blah… I’m meant to be her best mate… blah blah”.

Best mate? She’s not been my ‘best mate’ for ages! I can’t stand the girl! She still thinks she has the right to have some sort of hold over me. A best mate is meant to be someone who you can relax around without having to watch what you say all the time. That does not describe Hayley. In fact, she’s completely the opposite!

Anyway, at break, Freda came up to me and warned me that I’d better watch myself coz Zoe and Hayley were really pissed off with me and were going to have a go. I was sat in a room with a few others when they arrived. They stood and talked to Freda for a while and then Hayley nudged Zoe, they whispered and laughed and then Zoe said, “Why didn’t you tell me about those messages from Reevesy last week?”

I began saying that I’d already explained why but the Twisted Bitch jumped in and started yelling, “Why did you show her the message that’d hurt her most and not all the nice ones which you thought were for you?!” It took me a few seconds to try and make sense of what she’d just said but then I realised I couldn’t so I just said, “You what?”

She began again saying the same thing so I told her, “That’s why I didn’t tell her about those messages to start with and I didn’t tell her about those messages to start with and I did show her all the others I got.” Then she yelled back at me, “Exactly!” and repeated what she’d already said twice.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about and, anyway, it’s got fuck all to do with her, she’s only got involved coz she’s got no real reason of her own to have a go at me. That girl needs a good bloody kicking!! I’d like to be the one to do it. Short term I’d feel much better for it but long term it probably wouldn’t do me any good coz she’d keep using it as a real excuse in the future. Bitch!

At lunch, Rachael Hollins made me feel a bit better by telling me that she’d told Zoe she was being really childish and pathetic. Then Emma, as usual, made me feel better by telling me that, 1st thing this morning, Hayley was making a complete fool of herself coz people were either sniggering (or trying really hard not to) as she ranted on about how I’d completely ignored her when she walked in. I had my back to the door, for fuck’s sake! Plus, I smiled at her when I did see her but she shoved her nose high in the air and turned away.

While Hayley wasn’t around, Zoe had spoken to me a bit but then in Geography she started writing notes to me about:

  • why I hadn’t told her about the messages
  • whether I’d do anything at Brett’s party with Reevesy (fuck off!!)
  • how I’d already done it to Sarah with Aled (obvious attempt to get Sarah on her side seeing as she was sat next to me and reading the notes)
  • why had I left her and Hayley out

and stuff like that. I answered as best I could, with much attempt to restrain myself from whacking her round the back of the head with something extremely hard, but what I said was only repeated what was said on Saturday, which she was fine about then.

I know it’s Hayley who’s cast all these doubts in her mind because now she’s actually found someone who has a genuine reason (kind of) to be pissed off with me.

So, as you can imagine, when I got home I was extremely pissed off. I decided to try and make myself feel better so I turned dance music up really loud and danced really hard and then I kickboxed and pretended I was aiming at Hayley and Zoe. And then, I did this: ↓


I think it has quite a good resemblance. I’ve yet to do one of Twisted Bitch coz my tea was ready but I will. It’s good therapy!

Later on this evening, Zoe phoned and asked if I had any text messages from Reevesy. Then she decided she was speaking to me coz there was stuff she wanted to tell me (she snogged Big Paul. Yuk!!!). Then we got today’s argument sorted out and she said how she was torn between me and Hayley coz she’s rather be mates with me but she didn’t want to get on the wrong side of Hayley. I told her to just pretend she wasn’t speaking to me around Hayley if it made things easier.

She also told me that Hayley scared her a bit when she said that Zoe and Freda were her best mates at the moment. I seriously can sympathise with them, poor girls!

Apparently Lee’s ill coz he was sat on the hot poolside on Saturday and didn’t drink anything so he got dehydrated. I hope he’s okay soon.