An opportunity to have a good smooch! – 1st March 2000

Wednesday 1st I didn’t go to college today because I woke up feeling really ill this morning. I’ve got a temperature and a sore throat and an extremely runny nose and I keep going deaf. I feel awful! I might drag myself into college tomorrow though because I’ve only got 2 lessons. Mind you, I’ll probably end up infecting everyone else.

I got messages from my mates asking if I was okay and stuff. I don’t think I missed much during the day but quite a lot of people went bowling tonight because it’s Freda’s birthday.

I had messages from Jake too apologising for giving me his sore throat and stuff! He gave me his postcard that he wrote to me in Paris yesterday. I just found it again before cos I put it in my Geography folder. I love his writing! →



I hope he doesn’t catch the sore throat back. I suppose I’ll have to control myself, won’t I, but he wants to go and see a film on Friday night and that’s just too good an opportunity to have a good smooch! Damn this bug!!



I’m not a twat!


2017 Tess here. I’m off to the pub in a minute so I don’t have time to type up the next diary entry. Soz. However, if you need to somewhat satisfy your nosiness then head over to Jamie Days Diaries blog where I was recently interrogated about my diary-writing habits. My favourite part is it led him to the conclusion that I am most definitely not a twat! Go and judge for yourselves…


Me at about 12 or 13



Zoe says she’s getting married!!! – 29th February 2000

Tuesday 29th I remembered today that Jake had admitted to being a Manchester City fan on Sunday night. Oh well, at least he’s not following the Scouse lot or anything!

Cat was talking to Jake’s mate Jenny in their Art lesson today. She told Cat that, in Paris, Jake was sat clutching his phone all evening saying stuff like, “Tess usually rings at this time. Why isn’t she ringing me?” or something. That’s good to hear because I wasn’t sure that he’d have wanted me to keep phoning him.

Jake also told me on Sunday that in Paris, Sadie Harding had tried it on with him and snogged Aled. She’s got a boyfriend too – slag!! Anyway, I got Abby to question her today on it all. I believe Jake that nothing happened but I wanted to see what she had to say about it because, before I went to Pre Loup, I’d jokingly told her to keep an eye on him for me.

After school, I asked Abby what Sadie had said and she told me that she had snogged Aled (I didn’t care about that part) and that her boyfriend doesn’t know (for future reference, her boyfriend’s Kingsley Stevens!) and that she’d slept with Jake in his bed. So, Abby then of course walked off, leaving me worrying all through Swing Band!

I found her again afterwards and asked for details and she told me that Sadie had just slept in the same bed as him and some people thought they were cuddling up but weren’t. I was relieved to hear that!

I sent Jake a message though, just to check his reaction. I said, “HELLO! WHAT’S THIS I HEAR ABOUT U SLEEPING WITH SADIE HARDING??! SARAH’S NOW DECIDED THAT SHE DOESN’T REGRET DUMPING HUGO + CAT GOT ALEX’S NUMBER! LOVE TESS x”. I got a message back from him explaining that Aled and someone called Kelly had also been in the same bed because his was broken and that nothing happened.

I sent one back just to let him know I knew saying, “I KNOW, U DIDN’T HAVE 2 EXPLAIN! WHAT U UP 2? I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN DOING MY GRASS ESSAY FOR BIO!! (YAWN!) SEE U ON THURS : ( LOTS OF LOVE TESS xxxxx”. (He’s not in tomorrow because he’s going to Plymouth for something.)


I sent him an apology for scaring him and asked what he’s doing this weekend. He signed of his next message, “LOTS OF HUGS N KISSES LOVE J : ) xxx” and I finished the one after that (about not fancying going to Manchester with Freda and co.) quite simply, “LOVE U xxx”. It’s the end of his messages that I like best!

Zoe says she’s getting married!!! She also says she wants me, Rochelle, Bridget and her sisters to be bridesmaids! I’m in shock! We’re not allowed to say anything yet cos her mum doesn’t know. She’ll go mad!! She’s only seen this guy once and met him on the internet. It’s got to be dodgy!


P.S. I got a really nice snog off Jake before last lesson. I can’t write down how much I like him! It’s quite scary actually!

I never thought of lads using lip balm but Jake does. He left his and his wallet at Brian’s on Sunday.

At lunch, I was just beginning to think we were just going to sit there with no physical contact but then he kept shifting his chair closer to me and eventually put his hand on my leg. Every time I let go of his hand, he put it back on my leg and it always made my stomach do that weird (but nice) sinking thing!

A passionate reunion!! – 28th February 2000

Monday 28th I went round to Brian Hobbs’s house last night because a few of my mates were having a get-together. Jake got the night off work so he could come with me. I got a text saying, “I’VE JUST LEGGED IT TO THE PUB TO BEG THE LANDLORD TO GIVE ME THE NIGHT OFF. LOVE JAKE xxx”. I’m glad he did because it was quite a good night.

My mum asked who was going and when I mentioned Jake she asked if he was the one who gave me the rose. When I said he was, she asked if I was going out with him. I sort of shrugged and squirmed a bit and she said, “Is it just early days yet?” It was so cringing!!

We got to Brian’s and just drank and chatted. Hugo phoned me and started going on about Jake and some girl called Claire who he’d been rolling round on the floor with at some party a while ago when he’d been really drunk. Apparently it looked like they were doing more than kissing but weren’t. She’s meant to be ugly and he was very, very drunk.

Hayley phoned Hugo later and started yelling down then phone at him about stuff. He then fell out with Jake who says he doesn’t care. He had ‘a word’ with Hugo which Hayley overheard. He was telling Hugo that he’d better stop telling me stuff about other girls. Maybe he’s got some dark secrets or something! I’m worried again now!

We started talking about Canada and he said I have to go and visit him. I pointed out that 5 months was a long time and he said that he might only be out there for 3 now. Good!

As it got later, the lights went out and I ended up in Brian’s bed with Jake. There was everyone else in the room too though! We just snogged all night. My lips are really sore this morning because he was on top of me and couldn’t hold himself up properly. He wasn’t as gentle as usual but I didn’t really care! It was just a passionate reunion!!

I somehow got onto the subject of becoming a prostitute when I go to Holland but then Jake told me I was too pretty. 🙂 He also told me I had a nice complexion and nice hair. Hope my skin stays nice now I’m off the tablets.

We couldn’t do much other than kiss when the others were in the room, although I’m not sure we would’ve done even if we’d have been alone. He’s a bit shy but I suppose it’s better than being pushy. He did end up with his hand in my bra and he had his shirt off though. Gethin was going round with a camera so I hope he didn’t get any really dodgy ones! [Almost…]


Either all the passion or my really bad ski tan appears to have shocked The Simpsons.

Jake kept hugging me really tightly as well. That was dead nice.

We left at about 2:15 am in a taxi. We were pretty silent but it wasn’t awkward. He just held my hand tighter and tighter as I got closer to home.

I don’t think I’ve ever liked anyone this much before.


P.S. Something’s been bugging me all day because I don’t know if it actually happened last night or if it was a really vivid dream. I moved my hand from underneath me and brushed over the flies on his trousers. He then jerked away from kissing me and sat up and said something a bit dodgy (but not bad). The more I think about it, the more I think it must’ve been a dream because surely he wouldn’t have announced it in a room full of people, whether they were asleep or not! It’s really annoying me because I really don’t know if it happened or not!

‘Unique’ in a nice way – 25th & 26th February 2000

Friday 25th to Saturday 26th Skied in the morning and didn’t fall once. It was only me and Cat in the afternoon lesson because the lads buggered off somewhere. It was either icy or slushy but good.

When I took my skis back. I saw a Scottie dog which made me realise that I didn’t actually mind going home.

We had our badge presentation and Alex wore shorts.

The coach journey went quite quickly because I slept for quite a while. We managed to get an earlier ferry using the injuries as an excuse for them to let us on. Mr L’s stalkers (they sat outside his room until 2am – sad!!) were on it.

We arrived back at school at about 4:30pm. I got a daft certificate off the teachers saying, “This is to certify that she was in the right place at the right time, wasn’t she Robbie?” I didn’t really understand it. I think they were basically saying that I managed to stay faithful to Jake.

As I was crossing the Channel on the ferry, messages started coming through on my phone. One was from 18th February saying, “NIGHT NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT DON’T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!! OR ANYONE ELSE LIKE CAT!! IF YOU’RE READING THIS IN THE MORNING, WELL GOOD MORNING!! LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xXx”. I got others as well when I got home but they just said stuff about him being tired and about Sarah dumping Hugo.

I phoned up Hayley and she confirmed that what she did with Andy’s true. She yelled at Lizzie on Thursday and made her cry because Lizzie snogged Big Paul but he slept with Georgia Dean and then Big Paul had a go at Hayley for upsetting Lizzie. Fair enough, Hayley’s a bitch and had no right to do that. Lizzie didn’t know about Georgia so it’s hardly her fault.

I also spoke to Sarah and she told me she’d dumped Hugo because he’d been slagging off her accent and asking if her mates live in slums because we have so many parties.

Hayley also told me that on the Friday I left for France, she’d chatted to Jake and he’d asked why the hell I liked him. She said I just did or something and asked why he liked me. He said I’m just unique and lovely and a skier! She said he meant ‘unique’ in a nice way and was being dead soppy. She said I’d know what she meant if I’d been there. She told me that as the coach left, he looked like he was going to cry and said he wanted to run on the coach and go with me. He then made her run to the other end of the school so he could wave at me one more time. Aaah, sweet!


Some stuff I found in the hotel at Pra Loup:





Glandular fever which he caught off a hooker! – 24th February 2000

Thursday 24th This was the best day of skiing so far!! I didn’t fall over once and we were bombing it down the mountain. Leather Steve said it was good to see me at the front with the lads.

In the morning, Robbie wanted a photo of me but I didn’t want him to take one because Jake would see it if it was bad. He tried again later saying, “But Jake’ll want one of you!”

We had a test in the afternoon lesson. I got the silver badge (we couldn’t get higher than that in our group).

I’ve decided that Ivor Ward on his snowboard is definitely pretty damn fine!

In the evening, with it being out last night, I got a bit pissed on Alex’s vodka (he didn’t know!) and I was in Mr L (Phwoar!!) and Mr C’s room with Cat, Katie and Janine. I was moaning about my hair and Mr L said it looks nice down cos it looks really natural. I’m going to wear it down more often. He also likes my Fila fleece. Well, I want his blue Quiksilver one. We should’ve swapped!

Fila fleece

[The Fila fleece.]

The evening was awful. Robbie’s mates nicked his hair gel or something and he must have got annoyed because, at tea, Aiden Fallon said to him, “It’s just hair gel, it’s not like your mum’s died or anything!” unknowing of the actual situation. Robbie got upset and Mrs K came and spoke to me and went on about how I’ll have to do a lot of supporting and stuff. This made me think and then I couldn’t stop crying.

It’s really worried me now. It’s also the fact that Jake’s not even told me but he’s told Hayley. I don’t know what to think of that. He probably thinks I’d be scared off. I don’t think he realises that I know.

Happy hour in some pub but I still wasn’t very happy. I was telling Ivor about the Maggotboy story because he knows Aled but Declan Churchill said it looked like I was chatting him up and vice versa. If I was single, that could quite possibly have been the case but I’m not so it wasn’t.

I was still pissed off at the disco. This was the ticket we needed to get in →


Alex got mobbed by girls, Robbie got upset again but ended up snogging someone (we think) and I nearly got upset again.

I phoned Jake before all the Robbie stuff at tea happened. He said he still had a sore throat and that it was glandular fever which he caught off a hooker! He’d better have been joking!! He also mentioned something about me seducing Aled. Worried!


Ice, darkness and fire combined – 23rd February 2000

Wednesday 23rd Lesson at 9:00am so I’m knackered. Did a slalom which was good. At lunch, Cat and I went with the crap lot again, I fell in a Natural Fun Pipe thing in front of Fit Alex which was a bit embarrassing!

Went back in our group for the afternoon for a lesson. Declan Churchill pointed out that our instructor, Leather Woman (Patricia), looks a lot like the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steve Tyler, so we’ve been calling her Steve all day. She’s now known as either Leather Steve or Psycho Bitch no.2 after she took us down a red run. It was top but scary! Cat and I got bored so I complained my knees were sore and we went down in the bubble. They were quite painful actually.

The torchlight descents were on in the evening. I did the little one because I chickened out of the long one due to ice, darkness and fire combined! Ours was crap but funny. We got daft little kids’ torch things like that à


Cat did the big descent and said she’s never been so scared in her life! Most people did the short one.

Me torchlight descent

I got extremely pissed off at about 11:00pm because I rang Jake and someone else answered (don’t know who) and got him. It was really noisy wherever he was and he said he had a sore throat and something about watching football on TV. I think he was drunk which would’ve been bad cos there are only 4 lads there and loads of girls. I really did miss him. I kept thinking that if he was drunk he might not refuse any offers from girls.

I got Jake’s address of Robbie. He’s got really nice writing as well.

Cat just told me that she had a flashback to Austria. She told me that the day after the disco, Mrs L and Mrs K had seen me and Jake stood together and had said that we made a lovely couple. They didn’t realise that it was Emma that he’d been with [snogged].

Later on, we went and sat downstairs with the teachers. The new Artful Dodger song reminds me of Fit Alex now because he was sat there singing it to himself.