Dickhead, fuckwad, “I love myself” Kevin – 5th December 2001

Wednesday 5th  I was totally knackered today after staying up late at Jonas’s last night watching the weird cartoons so I ended up skiving my computer lecture thing this afternoon.

Jen and Archie had both told me they were going house hunting with Kevin but the little bastard didn’t bother telling me. I really wanted to go cos I want at least some say in where I’ll be living next year cos, even though I can’t stand Kevin much at the moment, I still want to live with them.

So, I rang up Kevin, pretending I wanted to know about coursework, and eventually got him onto the house hunting subject. He actually managed to make me cry (the fucker) by being really nasty. He also told Jen and Archie that I said I didn’t want to live with them next year. I never said that, I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to live with HIM next year, and that was only heat of the moment cos he was pissing me off asking about Jonas.

Anyway, I did end up going cos I rang Archie afterwards (still upset) and he said he was going to drag me with them if I didn’t stop being stubborn and just go anyway. He’s nice, unlike dickhead, fuckwad, “I love myself” Kevin.

I was glad Archie dragged me along in the end cos I would’ve felt really left out if I’d carried on being stubborn and not gone. It was quite exciting too, although I can see the potential arguments over who has which room already!

Kevin said he was looking for a 4 bedroom or 3 bedroom plus living and dining rooms (so we can convert to a 4th bedroom) terraced house, no more than £55,000. We got information for 3 houses there and then, one being on the same road as Jonas with 3 rooms in the basement, but they’re going to send any more they get to Kevin.

Ooh, I’ve just remembered what else bitchface Kevin said to upset me. He told me that LOADS of people think I’m a bitch for dumping him. Surely it would’ve been more unfair of me to let it carry on when I don’t like him all that much and then dump him later when he liked me more? He wouldn’t tell me who’d said it but eventually reeled off a long list of people when I thought it’d just be one or two.

Apparently Sally, Rick, Ben, Vicky and Paul all strongly disapprove of what I did. Well, they can all piss right off cos, apart from Paul, all of them have cheated on people since they went to Hudds. At least I had the decency to wait 2 whole days before I snogged Jonas!

Kevin can’t bloody well complain anyway – he snogged Cat, one of my best mates, on the same night. Ok, I did kind of ask her to but he doesn’t know that. Mind you, even if that lot did slag me off, Kevin was probably exaggerating about what they said and what he said to them anyway.

I went to see Zoolander at the cinema with Jonas tonight. It was a really good film and Jonas held my hand and tickled my arm all the way through. We only kissed once again and I managed to bash my teeth on his lip ring.

We sat on a bench in the freezing cold afterwards, waiting for my bus. He told me he’d got questioned about me by his housemates when I left last night.


Cats with hands – 3rd & 4th December 2001

Monday 3rd  I skived my lab today cos it was full of scary geographers and nobody I knew. Plus my rock lecturer is the spit of Ned Flanders off The Simpsons but a lot nastier therefore he’s scary too.

I found out Kevin’s after Sally now. I’m not bothered at all. I just feel sorry for her! What I don’t understand is why he only seems to go for girls on our course. There is life outside of Environmental Science, Kevin.

Jonas said he wasn’t going to come out tonight in a message starting, “MORNIN TESS : ) HOW R U 2DAY?” which was nice until I read on to the bit about him not coming out. I really can’t decide whether he really likes me or not. Then while I was sinking into a depression that he’s not that keen on me, I got a confusing text about homebrew which also said he was coming out after all. 🙂

I went to Camel Club as usual but spent most of the time sat talking to Jonas instead of dancing. He said he likes me a lot and sounded surprised when I told him I hadn’t been sure whether he did or not.

He got my birthday announced by the DJ who added “That was from Jonas who’s gonna give you a big snog” or something. He did! 🙂 The DJ also told him to take his lip ring out, which he did, but then then he couldn’t get it back in. Some girl noticed and came over to him and started trying to help him. I found it quite funny cos he obviously wasn’t interested (she obviously was!) and kept grabbing hold of my arm to stop me wandering off and leaving him with her.

I asked Jonas jokingly later, “So where’s your girlfriend gone?” meaning the one trying to sort his lip out but he pointed at me instead. 🙂 He said I was his girlfriend later on too when I asked where she was again. 🙂 Yey!!

Jonas told me I’ve got really soft hands (and a soft tongue!) and he took his lip ring out again so he could kiss me on the forehead. He also said it was nice (but cold) in the station with me last week and that I’ll have to stay at his again now he’s got more pillows from home. He said I was gorgeous too. So’s he!

I set Rick up with Layla’s mate Claire after he mithered me all night to find her and put in a good word for him.


Tuesday 4th  I went round to Jonas’s this evening. We just sat and watched weird, freaky, surreal cartoons about cats with hands and stuff.

[Eesh, I found it. Sweet dreams, everyone…..]

We only snogged once but he asked for a cuddle so we were snuggled up under a sleeping bag on the sofa. He told me to let him know if I’m doing anything tomorrow night. 🙂 That means he wants to see me. Yey!!


He put “xx” at the end – 1st & 2nd December 2001

Saturday 1st  I was bored for most of today with the odd message from Kevin saying he wants to talk adding a little bit of irritation to the day. There was nobody in my flat so I got the bus into town. Apart from Archie going to work in Sainsbury’s, there was nobody about.

I texted Jonas and he didn’t reply for ages but eventually told me he’s been to his nan’s and shopping and was bored watching the TOTP awards. I replied with 2 texts but I didn’t get one back for ages again. I was starting to think he was getting bugged by me but then when I was on the phone to Cat, he sent me 2 saying he used to get left alone in his flat too and he put “xx” at the end. 🙂 I didn’t put any on mine either so surely that’s a good sign.

Cat’s got an interview at Oxford Uni on Monday and she was saying how scared she is. She also thinks Archie’s sweet.

Jonas sent me a text saying he used to walk round the woods when he was bored. I asked why but I’ve had no reply. (Hee hee! That rhymes! 🙂 )


Sunday 2nd  I was bored again today. Jonas sent me a text 1st today saying he was on his way back. Things on TV keep being called Jonas at the moment which is weird.

Cat phoned from Oxford today. She’s still wetting herself. Abby rang too for some reason.

I think my teeth are moving. The top of my mouth’s really swollen and sore and my teeth feel bruised.

Kevin rang asking questions like “Is Jonas better looking/funnier than me?” etc. I wanted to say “YES!” but I thought that’d be a bit cruel. He also asked if I wanted to live with him, Jen and Archie next year. I don’t want to live with him but I’ve got no choice if I want to live with the other 2, which I do. I hate the way he’s kind of controlling the house situation. He keeps pointing out that if his dad buys a house, he’ll be our landlord.

Jen told me that Archie admitted he fancies me. Cat told me Archie’s going to ask Jonas what’s going on with us while I’m there so he has to give an answer. That could be awkward.


The warmest night he’s had in a while – 29th to 30th November 2001

Thursday 29th to Friday 30th  I had a pretty bad day at uni today, apart from Jonas sending me a message asking if it was okay if he came out with me tonight. Erm…. YES!!!

Anyway, I had a major panic about coursework which had to be handed in this afternoon. I’d done it but just not printed it off so I was going to do it in my 3 hour break before a lab. However, when I put my disk in the computer it wouldn’t work so I had to get on the bus back to Storthes, finish it off and print it out. Just as the last page was printing I saw the bus leaving out of my window so I had to wait for the next one and was late for the lab.

Kevin didn’t speak to me again until we got off the bus at the end of today, not that I really wanted to speak to him anyway. He apologised for the messages yesterday. I’d wanted to send him a 🙂 back but Archie wouldn’t let me cos that would’ve pissed Kevin off more. That was kind of the idea though! But instead I shouted at him and told him how much of a twat he is etc. I ended up forgiving him via text later cos his constant apologies were beginning to really piss me off.

I went to see The Others at the cinema with Archie and Jen this evening. It was quite good with an unexpected ending. I’d arranged to meet with Violet and Ronan and Violet’s friend Max afterwards so Jen dropped me off in town. I thought they were in the Chicago Rock Café so I was stood looking for them in there for ages before Vi texted me to say they were in the Rock Café. I couldn’t remember where the hell it was so I was wandering round on my own for ages. I knew Jonas was in town but he didn’t reply to my text asking where he was and I got his answer phone when I tried to ring.

Eventually, Ronan came to get me which I was glad about cos there were gangs of pissed blokes about which were worrying me slightly. I downed a few drinks in the Rock Café before we made our way to Bar Non.

I couldn’t see Jonas anywhere when I arrived so I thought he mustn’t have bothered coming but then he came up from the downstairs club and came over to me. He got my message saying I was on my own once he was upstairs with a signal and said he would’ve come and got me if he’d known. He was with his housemate Russ who shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek when he was introduced to me. A bit strange but never mind!

Jonas bought me a drink (I only had 75p left) and I ended up dancing on the bar thing with him, Ronan and Vi. Jake and Rick saw me and laughed but hopefully they were too pissed to remember! I saw Jonathan off my course too who never turns up anymore.

[Jonas on the right on the bar]

Jonas and I snogged quite a bit tonight (mmm!) and he said he wanted to bite my ear and did (hmm!). I danced on a table with Ronan and Vi but got told off cos it was all muddy.

Jonas and I went downstairs and sat and talked for a bit. I couldn’t find my mates so when the place closed I went and sat in the bus stop cos we thought there might have been a bus. There wasn’t and after Jonas was sick, we didn’t kiss much so we sat in the bus stop til 4am chatting.

He told me his parents have split up and his dad’s in the RAF and his mum’s just moved to Lincoln. He said he was born in Norfolk then lived in Germany for 8 years then lived near Inverness and now here in Huddersfield. He said he’s going to visit his mates in Scotland at Christmas and said we’ll have to meet up of I go too and we’re still “mates”.

He told me he went out with a girl from Crewe for 2 weeks but they split up cos they were too far away. He said he didn’t want a girlfriend the rest of the time when I asked how come he’s single now. He thought me and Jake went out for ages and asked if I loved him. I said yes but explained I didn’t anymore. I also told him about the Kevin stuff cos I thought someone else might say stuff otherwise.

Jonas started telling me about his dad wanting his lip pierced (I think) but he’s 40. He said his dad’s got a girlfriend with a son who could end up his stepbrother. I think Jonas said his dad wants him to teach him about drugs or something. Okay then!

I asked Jonas what was wrong with him e.g. gay/married/taken/got 3 kids etc. but he said none of those and that he hasn’t had the chance to have 3 kids. He said that he paints models (as in mini soldiers and stuff) and his room’s full of naked girly posters.

He kept saying I was sexy when I was asking why Sid liked me and stuff and seemed keen to see me in school uniform. He never had to wear it.

It got really cold outside so we decided to sit in the train station instead and pretended we were waiting for the train to Wakefield when someone asked. We stayed til about 5am but then got cold and tired so Jonas persuaded me to stay at his. He said I could have his bed and he’d have the sofa or we could both cuddle up on the sofa. I told him he could go home earlier but he said he didn’t want to cos he wanted to talk and get to know me.

It was quite a long walk to Fartown where he lives. I think he lives at 290 Bradford Road but I’m not sure. His room’s right at the top of the house in the roof and it’s quite cool. He’s got a living room thing up there too. He had got loads of girl posters up though and a few photos, one of which is a girl but I didn’t want to ask who it was. He said he can drive (passed 1st time recently) and will have a car at some point. He wants an old Mini or a new Beetle but is getting a G-reg silver Fiesta. It’s better than the nothing I’ve got!

We cuddled on the sofa under a sleeping bag (the heating was broken) and watched skiing on TV. He’s never done it or snowboarding but I think he said he skateboards or something. I’ve recently decided I like the skater sort of and he’s kind of got it.

I’ve had this stuck in my head since I typed this entry up:

I saw a group of lads when I was on the bus with boring Kevin and I liked the look of the skatey lads much more. Jonas said he buys most of his clothes from Rocks Off in town where me and Cat were going to have a look but forgot due to hangovers.

We ended up lying down and falling asleep before waking up a couple of hours later. I suggested bed might be comfier so we moved and cuddled there instead. Jonas said it was cosy and was the warmest night he’s had in a while. He kept tickling my arms and back really lightly and playing with my hair which was so nice. We tangled our legs up a bit and got closer and kissed but that was it.

We kept falling asleep and waking up again. He snored a bit! He kept looking at me and smiling when I opened my eyes. Ahh, he’s reeeally niiiiiice!! He’s got a teddy too!

We didn’t get out of bed til 1:30pm cos we didn’t want to. We kept saying we’d get up in 5 minutes and then didn’t. He got me a cup of coffee and packed his stuff up cos he’s going home to see his mum for the weekend to get his birthday cards and stuff.

He walked me to uni to the bus and I saw Storecard and loads of people Jonas knew on the way. It must’ve been obvious I stayed over cos I looked rough and was wearing going-out clothes. I found out Jonas lives with Russ and 3 girls but they’re all in their 20s. Jonas and I snogged goodbye by the uni cash machines and he said we’d text this weekend.

I’ve just remembered, when I was in Jonas’s bed, I said to let me know when he wanted me to go (we both ended up skiving lectures though) and he at 1st said “go away” (jokingly) but when I said “fine” and pretended to move he changed his mind and said “never”. 🙂 He also said it’s bad timing that he’s going home and he wouldn’t have done if he’d known about me earlier.

I got a message once he’d arrived in Lincoln saying he’d arrived at 6pm and went go-karting. I really hope he likes me cos I really do like him. He was really nice to me with the sofa/bed thing and even said he had a clean towel if I wanted a shower. He also kept asking me what I was thinking and he squeezed my arse in bed at one point.

When I was getting on the uni bus, some guy stopped his car and offered me a lift with his mate. Yuck! Creep!!

I kept getting texts and calls of Kevin all day, trying to get me to go out for a Chinese with him. I stupidly answered while I was in bed with Jonas and couldn’t get rid of him but I resisted the temptation to tell him where I was!


I got 3 evil texts – 28th November 2001

Wednesday 28th  Kevin was completely ignoring me at uni today and then on my way to Sainsbury’s with Archie. I got 3 evil texts from him. I deleted them as soon as I got them but they were along the lines of I’m a fucking bitch and a liar and he doesn’t want to be mates with someone like that and I don’t deserve a nice boyfriend and he’s gonna kick off on Jonas if he looks at him funny again. Psycho!

Archie thought it was well out of order. Me too! He can’t go sending messages like that. Seems like I’m well rid of him.

Jonas wanted to go to the cinema with me tonight but I had too much work. 😦 I really wanted to go. I hope he doesn’t think I’m not interested now.


Dodgy hunchbacked thrusting dance moves – 27th November 2001

Tuesday 27th  Jonas was sending me messages all day :). I didn’t go into uni because I was feeling extremely rough after last night. Jonas texted me 1st saying he was designing a bridge and asked me where his texts were. I replied and it continued all day. 🙂 I asked how his birthday went and he said, “IT STARTED PANTS BUT ENDED ON A HIGH, THANX! I DON’T FEEL ANY OLDER, DID U? SID DECLARED HIS LOVE FOR ME…” He then sent another saying he meant “as a friend”. Good! It’d be just my luck if he was gay.

I also had lots of messages from Ben. He asked if I meant what I said about liking him or if it was the drink and wanting to get back at Kevin. I explained it had nothing to do with Kevin but I was a bit pissed. I didn’t say I didn’t mean it though. I also called Kevin a gimp in one message and he stuck up for him until I told him he snogged Cat, then he sent a message with “KEVIN IS A GIMP” at the end. I’m evil!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to go out tonight but Jonas texted me to say he was going to Visage. All my flatmates, Jen, Archie and Kevin were going too so I thought I might as well go with them. I was pretty knackered after last night so I stayed sat down most of the night.

[At least I had a supply of VK Apple to perk me up.]

Jake came and sat down with me for a bit and chatted to me about stuff. I told him about Jonas cos I thought he might know him seeing as they’re both doing Architecture courses but he didn’t have a clue. Jake then spent the rest of the night doing his dodgy hunchbacked thrusting dance moves around Bronwen on a podium. I found it quite amusing actually cos he looked daft and obviously wasn’t getting anywhere.

I was beginning to think Jonas wasn’t going to come so I went to ask if I could get my phone from my coat in the cloakroom to see if he’d texted me. Just as I got there I walked past him and Sid, and Jonas pointed at me, smiled and came over. I’d been a bit worried that I wouldn’t remember what he looked like but I recognised him straight away.

Sid wandered off and Jonas came and sat with me. I don’t think Kevin was too pleased cos he got up and left. Jonas and I just talked all night. He said he’s got a 15 year old sister and he lived in Germany for 8 years cos his dad’s in the RAF.

I really like him!

He said I’ve got really soft hands and lips and that he like my lips. He asked me to bite my bottom lip (like I’d just been doing) again but I don’t know why. He was wearing nail varnish on one hand (he said he hadn’t got round to doing the other one) but it didn’t really look that weird on him cos he wears the same kind of stuff as Niall (a bit of a mosher from the year above me at college) and he used to wear it too, I think.

We didn’t hold hands or anything until Sid came over and made us. Jonas kept starting to say stuff and then stopping and saying he thinks too much. He then started saying stuff about being spontaneous (I couldn’t really hear over the music) and asked me what was another word for it. I said “impulse” and he said that was the word he was looking for, said something about acting on impulse and then leaned in and kissed me. 🙂 He said that was what he’d been thinking about and asked if I was okay with him doing it. Erm…. YES!!!

Sid kept coming over and told me that I was lucky to get Jonas’s number. I asked Jonas why and he told me that Sid had liked me 1st which is why I was lucky to get it. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that.

There were loads of people I knew in Visage including Ben. I wondered what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been with Jonas but then Jonas seems really nice so I’m not that bothered really.

Jonas said, “I’m not a complete psycho or anything but…” and went on to ask me what my surname is cos he was looking me up on the uni email thing and there are 2 Tessas apparently. I was quite pleased to hear he’d done that actually cos surely that means he’s interested. I saw his surname’s Howley on his NUS card. I don’t think he’s got a middle name.

Jonas came and queued up for my coat with me and then walked to the taxi place with me. He asked if I was having a flat party anytime soon which I think was a hint for an invite if I was. We snogged 3 more times before I got a taxi. Mmm! 🙂

He sent me a text too saying to text him tomorrow. I will! He offered to let me ring Jen on his phone too when we lost her. He said his dad pays for it as a birthday present. While we were talking he tickled my hands and tucked my hair behind my ears and held my face when we kissed which was nice.

I got a phone call from Kevin when I got back. I told him I didn’t want to get back together but he kept going on at me. I think he’s really pissed off, especially about Jonas cos me being with someone else kind of confirms I won’t get back with him.


I’ve never kissed anyone with a pierced lip before – 25th & 26th November 2001

Sunday 25th  Cat and I stayed in our beds until really late today and didn’t go anywhere. I had loads of messages off Ben saying he likes me and stuff :).


Monday 26th  I went to uni today even though I had Cat still here. She survived the day on her own though! Ben smiled at me really nicely. 🙂

Cat and I went into town tonight with Archie, Jen and Kevin. We were very pissed due to drinking much Lambrini before leaving my room. We went on the Vodka Bus to Revolution which had Jill Baines on it from our school with her new boyfriend and flatmate. We all spent the entire bus journey inhaling helium from balloons. Hee hee! 🙂

[Me and Cat in Revolution.]

We didn’t stay in Revolution long cos it’s crap and I’ve gone right off vodka so we went to Camel Club instead. Katy was in there with some of her mates. One of them, George, liked my pint of diesel (snakebite + black). I’ve hardly found anyone else who does except my mates from home.

It was quite an eventful night actually. Jen snogged George, Cat snogged Kevin (I kind of told her to but he doesn’t know that!) and Cat also snogged Archie (lots!) and remained with him for the rest of the night. They even had the DJ commentating on them as Cat pinned Archie up against the DJ’s cage thing!

[Me, Archie and Jen in Camel Club]

I got my birthday announced (again!) but the DJ wouldn’t play what Cat requested. It was ‘Fuck a Dog’ though!

Some lad called Sid approached me. He started chatting to me while I was dancing. He then introduced me to his mate, Jonas, who shook my hand and Sid told me it was Jonas’s 19th birthday. I ended up sat at a table with Jonas on my own just talking. He’s very, very nice!! He’s got his right eyebrow and lip pierced which I think looks really good and he had the look I like!! He had a funky shirt on, baggy trousers and spiky dark hair. Mmm!

All we did was talk though while we were in Camel. I found out he’s in his 2nd year which confused me but it turned out he lived in Inverness and so did his Highers and left at 17. He said his mum lives in Lincoln now though and he’s going there on Friday to get his presents and stuff. He’s doing Architecture here so maybe he knows Jake or Matt Carrera (from my college). I kind of hope he doesn’t actually.

We talked more when we were stood outside and he said he’s got his ear pierced too. I don’t like pierced ears on lads but he wasn’t wearing anything in it so I don’t care. He noticed I haven’t had mine done and also noticed I have a Quiksilver watch strap for some reason.

Just as everyone was getting ready to get into taxis and stuff, Sid came over to me and dragged me away from Jonas. He told me that Jonas is really shy and wants a girlfriend but probably wouldn’t make a move. Sid also kept saying that I was really fit in front of Jonas.

It must’ve been obvious nothing was going to happen so Sid grabbed my and Jonas’s hands and dragged us across the road to the corner outside Wetherspoons. We finally snogged there. I’ve never kissed anyone with a pierced lip before but it wasn’t much different except that little bit cooler (not in the temperature way). It was a bit weird but good!

We walked along the road holding hands to the taxis, kissed again and agreed to text each other tomorrow. We’d got each other’s mobile numbers earlier. His is 07*** ***399.

Oh, he’s sooo nice! I’ve not been saying “Oh he’s so nice” so much since I first snogged Jake. I’ve only known Jonas a matter of hours but I much prefer him to Kevin.

I stupidly (because I was pissed) texted Ben and told him I’d liked him in Freshers Week too and still kind of did. He replied and stuff but I can’t remember what he said. Nothing bad though. Jonas asked me who I was texting at one point so I lied and said someone from college or something.

I texted Jonas when I got in just to check I’d put his number in my phone right. I had and he texted back saying that he must’ve got my number right too. 🙂


Cat keeps calling him “Threehead” – 24th November 2001

Saturday 24th  I went into town with Cat and Kevin today to get a bit of shopping done and get my photos developed. The photos are pretty good actually so everyone wants copies.

We went out to town tonight with Kevin, Katy, Jake and his flatmate Claire (but seeing as Layla’s friend is called Claire too, Jake’s Claire can be called ‘Bridget’ cos that’s what Cat reckons she looks like and she couldn’t stand her!).

[Me, Cat, Jake, Katy and Bridget]

We started off in Milton where Ben was also with his flatmates Fit Phil and Jon. There was some Southern Comfort competition on and Kevin, Ben, Fit Phil and Jon entered. They only won a bottle of Southern Comfort though.

I tried to dump Kevin while we were in Milton cos I’m really not keen on him at all and so it’s not fair on him. I had to try a couple of methods including the “I’m a lesbian with Cat” one but it didn’t work. Seeing as he’s a lad, he’d probably quite like that actually!

On the way out of Milton to Warehouse, a really nice looking bloke said, “She’s lovely” and looked directly at me and smiled. I almost forgot I was still with Kevin and turned round to follow the bloke but then remembered. It’s pretty much guaranteed that as soon as I’m single again, no fit lad will want me.

When we got to Warehouse I decided to dump Kevin and get it over with. It wasn’t too difficult actually cos he kind of agreed that it wasn’t working or whatever. He still didn’t seem too happy about it and convinced me to just break up until Christmas and then “review the situation”. I didn’t want to get his hopes up about getting back together but I decided to agree cos he might have got over it by then.

Cat got upset over Dominatron Matt who she’s just been dumped by. She said she’s missing him even though he bites and chains her up and has whips etc. Sounds a bit scary to me, especially when she told me he blindfolded her and held the flat side of the blade of a knife on her chest and told her to guess what it was. Freak!

I convinced her to have a slush cocktail thing and she cheered up after that and pulled a little pissed lad called Simon. One of Simon’s mates was coming on to me but I couldn’t do anything cos of Kevin. I had my eye on another lad with baggy jeans, spiky messy hair, chain etc. (the kind of look I’ve decided I really like) but then fucking Kevin started talking to him and telling him how he’d just been dumped by me. Cheers!

I was speaking to Ben quite a bit. He said the way I was being with Kevin is what blokes do. No it’s not! Why can’t girls do it? Just cos we’re expected to fall madly in love really quickly and follow lads round like little sheep and then get dumped and cry for weeks on end. Well, that’s what I got the impression Ben thinks it should be like. He’s a gimp but I still fancy him, even though Cat keeps calling him “Threehead” cos she reckons he’s got no forehead. He does.


Yuck! Creepy!! – 23rd November 2001

Friday 23rd  I had a Chemistry lab this morning and Kevin totally ignored me. It turned out that he’d been dumped again last night. I don’t know why cos I never said that. He probably wanted me to follow him when he left but I didn’t know he’d gone and I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin my night anyway. Sorry if that sounds selfish but he did annoy me a bit.

All day Archie kept saying how I should wear skirts more often. He also asked if he could have my duvet cos he’s borrowing Sophie’s (a girl out of his flat who he fancies) who’s gone on holiday. It was for Tim to borrow and they were sniffing it all night cos it smells of her. Yuck! Creepy!!

Cat arrived this evening so just went up to the Arbar with Katy, Jen, Kevin and Archie cos we were knackered. We didn’t stay long and came back to my room to catch up. I’m glad she’s here.


[Me, Cat and a pint of diesel. Note the diesel-coloured lips suggesting it may not have been pint number 1.]

Kevin said he loves me – 22nd November 2001

Thursday 22nd  The ‘Skool Disco’ at Milton tonight was overall pretty good but there were a couple of things that spoilt it slightly. I’ll get these out of the way first.

One was the fact that Jake was up on the stage with Bronwen doing dodgy thrusting dance moves at her and playing the party games (e.g. how many sex positions you can do in a minute or whatever) and I wasn’t really enjoying watching it cos I was stuck with miserable Kevin.

This leads me on to the 2nd bad thing (well, it should’ve been bad but I wasn’t all that bothered) which was that Kevin saw me watching Jake and went home early in a strop. It just spoilt it cos I felt really guilty. He shouldn’t have been so paranoid. I could’ve just been admiring Jake’s school blazer or something.

Archie was going on about how much he fancied Bronwen in her school uniform but then later (when pissed) told me I was top of the list instead. Ahh, I like Archie! He kept feeling my legs though, saying they were nice and I should wear skirts more often. Archie’s mate Tim from home was quite nice actually but apparently he’s still at school or something cos he failed exams and stuff, I think.

I was absolutely freezing in my somewhat skimpy school uniform on the way to and on the bus so Ben gave me his coat. Then he got cold so I had to give it back.

He told me that Kevin said he loves me. No way! He can’t, he’s only known me a few weeks and I’m not even nice to him. Ben agreed he can’t love me that quickly. It sounded like he knew but then he did have a girlfriend for 18 months.

I had a message from Ben when I got in saying that everyone thinks he fancies me. I asked if it was true and he eventually replied saying, “I DO LIKE U, U DO LOOK GOOD IN SCHOOL UNIFORM BUT I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE ANYTHING BEHIND ANYONE’S BACK. I DON’T WANNA MARRY ANYONE, JUST THINK UR FIT.” Why couldn’t he have said that when I wasn’t with Kevin? Bloody typical! I like Ben a lot.


P.S. I had my arse pinched too which Kevin didn’t like!