I’ve never kissed anyone with a pierced lip before – 25th & 26th November 2001

Sunday 25th  Cat and I stayed in our beds until really late today and didn’t go anywhere. I had loads of messages off Ben saying he likes me and stuff :).


Monday 26th  I went to uni today even though I had Cat still here. She survived the day on her own though! Ben smiled at me really nicely. 🙂

Cat and I went into town tonight with Archie, Jen and Kevin. We were very pissed due to drinking much Lambrini before leaving my room. We went on the Vodka Bus to Revolution which had Jill Baines on it from our school with her new boyfriend and flatmate. We all spent the entire bus journey inhaling helium from balloons. Hee hee! 🙂

[Me and Cat in Revolution.]

We didn’t stay in Revolution long cos it’s crap and I’ve gone right off vodka so we went to Camel Club instead. Katy was in there with some of her mates. One of them, George, liked my pint of diesel (snakebite + black). I’ve hardly found anyone else who does except my mates from home.

It was quite an eventful night actually. Jen snogged George, Cat snogged Kevin (I kind of told her to but he doesn’t know that!) and Cat also snogged Archie (lots!) and remained with him for the rest of the night. They even had the DJ commentating on them as Cat pinned Archie up against the DJ’s cage thing!

[Me, Archie and Jen in Camel Club]

I got my birthday announced (again!) but the DJ wouldn’t play what Cat requested. It was ‘Fuck a Dog’ though!

Some lad called Sid approached me. He started chatting to me while I was dancing. He then introduced me to his mate, Jonas, who shook my hand and Sid told me it was Jonas’s 19th birthday. I ended up sat at a table with Jonas on my own just talking. He’s very, very nice!! He’s got his right eyebrow and lip pierced which I think looks really good and he had the look I like!! He had a funky shirt on, baggy trousers and spiky dark hair. Mmm!

All we did was talk though while we were in Camel. I found out he’s in his 2nd year which confused me but it turned out he lived in Inverness and so did his Highers and left at 17. He said his mum lives in Lincoln now though and he’s going there on Friday to get his presents and stuff. He’s doing Architecture here so maybe he knows Jake or Matt Carrera (from my college). I kind of hope he doesn’t actually.

We talked more when we were stood outside and he said he’s got his ear pierced too. I don’t like pierced ears on lads but he wasn’t wearing anything in it so I don’t care. He noticed I haven’t had mine done and also noticed I have a Quiksilver watch strap for some reason.

Just as everyone was getting ready to get into taxis and stuff, Sid came over to me and dragged me away from Jonas. He told me that Jonas is really shy and wants a girlfriend but probably wouldn’t make a move. Sid also kept saying that I was really fit in front of Jonas.

It must’ve been obvious nothing was going to happen so Sid grabbed my and Jonas’s hands and dragged us across the road to the corner outside Wetherspoons. We finally snogged there. I’ve never kissed anyone with a pierced lip before but it wasn’t much different except that little bit cooler (not in the temperature way). It was a bit weird but good!

We walked along the road holding hands to the taxis, kissed again and agreed to text each other tomorrow. We’d got each other’s mobile numbers earlier. His is 07*** ***399.

Oh, he’s sooo nice! I’ve not been saying “Oh he’s so nice” so much since I first snogged Jake. I’ve only known Jonas a matter of hours but I much prefer him to Kevin.

I stupidly (because I was pissed) texted Ben and told him I’d liked him in Freshers Week too and still kind of did. He replied and stuff but I can’t remember what he said. Nothing bad though. Jonas asked me who I was texting at one point so I lied and said someone from college or something.

I texted Jonas when I got in just to check I’d put his number in my phone right. I had and he texted back saying that he must’ve got my number right too. 🙂


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