Ice, darkness and fire combined – 23rd February 2000

Wednesday 23rd Lesson at 9:00am so I’m knackered. Did a slalom which was good. At lunch, Cat and I went with the crap lot again, I fell in a Natural Fun Pipe thing in front of Fit Alex which was a bit embarrassing!

Went back in our group for the afternoon for a lesson. Declan Churchill pointed out that our instructor, Leather Woman (Patricia), looks a lot like the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steve Tyler, so we’ve been calling her Steve all day. She’s now known as either Leather Steve or Psycho Bitch no.2 after she took us down a red run. It was top but scary! Cat and I got bored so I complained my knees were sore and we went down in the bubble. They were quite painful actually.

The torchlight descents were on in the evening. I did the little one because I chickened out of the long one due to ice, darkness and fire combined! Ours was crap but funny. We got daft little kids’ torch things like that à


Cat did the big descent and said she’s never been so scared in her life! Most people did the short one.

Me torchlight descent

I got extremely pissed off at about 11:00pm because I rang Jake and someone else answered (don’t know who) and got him. It was really noisy wherever he was and he said he had a sore throat and something about watching football on TV. I think he was drunk which would’ve been bad cos there are only 4 lads there and loads of girls. I really did miss him. I kept thinking that if he was drunk he might not refuse any offers from girls.

I got Jake’s address of Robbie. He’s got really nice writing as well.

Cat just told me that she had a flashback to Austria. She told me that the day after the disco, Mrs L and Mrs K had seen me and Jake stood together and had said that we made a lovely couple. They didn’t realise that it was Emma that he’d been with [snogged].

Later on, we went and sat downstairs with the teachers. The new Artful Dodger song reminds me of Fit Alex now because he was sat there singing it to himself.


She shoved her nose high in the air – 29th November 1999

Monday 29th I had more trouble with Zoe and guess who else joined in? Yes, that’s right, Twisted Bitch Hayley. Zoe was absolutely fine with me on the way to school this morning and we were discussing the Reevesy situation quite openly. That all changed after the 1st lesson when she’d spent an hour with Hayley.

I got the hint 1st thing this morning that Hayley wasn’t best pleased with me because she stormed in and went into a corner with Emma, Freda, Georgia Dean, Lena and a couple of others and started flapping her arms wildly about in my direction whilst talking deliberately loudly, although all I heard was, “blah, blah, blah… I’m meant to be her best mate… blah blah”.

Best mate? She’s not been my ‘best mate’ for ages! I can’t stand the girl! She still thinks she has the right to have some sort of hold over me. A best mate is meant to be someone who you can relax around without having to watch what you say all the time. That does not describe Hayley. In fact, she’s completely the opposite!

Anyway, at break, Freda came up to me and warned me that I’d better watch myself coz Zoe and Hayley were really pissed off with me and were going to have a go. I was sat in a room with a few others when they arrived. They stood and talked to Freda for a while and then Hayley nudged Zoe, they whispered and laughed and then Zoe said, “Why didn’t you tell me about those messages from Reevesy last week?”

I began saying that I’d already explained why but the Twisted Bitch jumped in and started yelling, “Why did you show her the message that’d hurt her most and not all the nice ones which you thought were for you?!” It took me a few seconds to try and make sense of what she’d just said but then I realised I couldn’t so I just said, “You what?”

She began again saying the same thing so I told her, “That’s why I didn’t tell her about those messages to start with and I didn’t tell her about those messages to start with and I did show her all the others I got.” Then she yelled back at me, “Exactly!” and repeated what she’d already said twice.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about and, anyway, it’s got fuck all to do with her, she’s only got involved coz she’s got no real reason of her own to have a go at me. That girl needs a good bloody kicking!! I’d like to be the one to do it. Short term I’d feel much better for it but long term it probably wouldn’t do me any good coz she’d keep using it as a real excuse in the future. Bitch!

At lunch, Rachael Hollins made me feel a bit better by telling me that she’d told Zoe she was being really childish and pathetic. Then Emma, as usual, made me feel better by telling me that, 1st thing this morning, Hayley was making a complete fool of herself coz people were either sniggering (or trying really hard not to) as she ranted on about how I’d completely ignored her when she walked in. I had my back to the door, for fuck’s sake! Plus, I smiled at her when I did see her but she shoved her nose high in the air and turned away.

While Hayley wasn’t around, Zoe had spoken to me a bit but then in Geography she started writing notes to me about:

  • why I hadn’t told her about the messages
  • whether I’d do anything at Brett’s party with Reevesy (fuck off!!)
  • how I’d already done it to Sarah with Aled (obvious attempt to get Sarah on her side seeing as she was sat next to me and reading the notes)
  • why had I left her and Hayley out

and stuff like that. I answered as best I could, with much attempt to restrain myself from whacking her round the back of the head with something extremely hard, but what I said was only repeated what was said on Saturday, which she was fine about then.

I know it’s Hayley who’s cast all these doubts in her mind because now she’s actually found someone who has a genuine reason (kind of) to be pissed off with me.

So, as you can imagine, when I got home I was extremely pissed off. I decided to try and make myself feel better so I turned dance music up really loud and danced really hard and then I kickboxed and pretended I was aiming at Hayley and Zoe. And then, I did this: ↓


I think it has quite a good resemblance. I’ve yet to do one of Twisted Bitch coz my tea was ready but I will. It’s good therapy!

Later on this evening, Zoe phoned and asked if I had any text messages from Reevesy. Then she decided she was speaking to me coz there was stuff she wanted to tell me (she snogged Big Paul. Yuk!!!). Then we got today’s argument sorted out and she said how she was torn between me and Hayley coz she’s rather be mates with me but she didn’t want to get on the wrong side of Hayley. I told her to just pretend she wasn’t speaking to me around Hayley if it made things easier.

She also told me that Hayley scared her a bit when she said that Zoe and Freda were her best mates at the moment. I seriously can sympathise with them, poor girls!

Apparently Lee’s ill coz he was sat on the hot poolside on Saturday and didn’t drink anything so he got dehydrated. I hope he’s okay soon.


They were all pretty minging – 5th November 1999

Friday 5th I went to the Victoria Park bonfire this evening in Warrington but there was no bonfire, just a firework display and a few fairground rides. I was with Lizzie, Zoe, Freda, Poppy, Lucy and Rani and we met up with Brett and a few of his mates. Then all our lot went home early except me, Lizzie and Zoe so we just hung about with Brett etc.

They were all pretty minging. There was Rob who’s 16 with blonde hair who’s normal height and thin. Reevsey who’s 16 too, I think, and tall, quite fat with blonde hair. A little lad who I think was called Chris who’s apparently 17 and nice looking but too short. And then there was Brett.

Damon and Leon and a few others also turned up at one point but went later. Emma and Keira were there with Davis and his lot. Nathan was with them somewhere but I didn’t see him. I’m not too bothered. It could’ve been awkward and I looked a complete state!

We got sick of the so-called “bonfire” so we headed for McDonald’s in town. I got told that Reevsey liked me but then Zoe said she liked him. They ended up going with [snogging] each other and are now going out.

We met up with Emma and Keira again in the bus station and Emma ended up getting a lift home with Lizzie’s mum with us. As we were all walking to the Golden Gates where we were being picked up, Rob said to me and Emma sounded and looked like we were popular. I’m not sure what made him come out with that other than the fact we were talking about a lot of different people. I was quite flattered by that comment of his.

I like talking to Emma. She’s a good listener. For example, I was saying how I was worried about Hayley coming back, with the Aled stuff that’s been going on and all, and she made me feel so much better by telling me that nobody really takes Hayley seriously because most people know what she’s like.

She also said she’s in a similar situation with Nicola Banks. She says she can’t relax around her and has to watch what she says because Nicola, like Hayley, overreacts and can’t see how unreasonable she’s being. She told me that she wasn’t really enjoying college, partly because there are only a few people who she gets on well with. She says I’m one of them. That’s good!

I saw loads of Trotter in school today, just walking round. He’s had his hair cut. It’s still spiky but there are no blonde bits anymore. I was thinking just yesterday that he needed a haircut too!

Cat was doing a plan of who’d get together with who at the party next Friday in Biology. Lizzie and I helped her along with it. It went something like this:


Someone told Gethin what’d been written. I don’t think he was very pleased. Notice Cat’s blocking off of the arrow between me and Freda. That’s her job for the night!


A horny Ferny – 8th October 1998

Thursday 8th Nothing much happened today. I’m only really sticking a few things in. Such as these:-

[Oh good God, I drew all the boys. I DREW ALL THE BOYS! Three times.]

They just started off as a doodle but I thought that there was a bit of a likeness to that lot in real life.

First one I did. Pretty crap but I was bored.

2nd one I did. I was still bored so I tried to improve on the 1st one.

The best of the lot. Only coz I included colour, fags and a horny Ferny!

[Left to right we have Freddie, Ralph, Graham, Ferny, Jez (people called him a sheep because he was from Yorkshire) and Dougie. They’d all better be completely unaware that IDST exists.]


Jingle jangle silver bangle – 12th February 1998

Thursday 12th I’m going skiing tomorrow, finally! I’m not going to take this diary with me coz I will be terrified of someone getting hold of it. Instead, I’m just going to take a notebook and then I can write down roughly what happens in Austria and write it up when I come home again.

It’s Friday 13th tomorrow and everyone’s worried that we won’t make it across the English Channel. Then it’s Valentine’s Day and then it’s Charlie Wilson’s birthday on 21st Feb.

Emma told me what she’d write if she sent any Valentine’s cards. This is is:-

Jingle jangle silver bangle,
You look fit from every angle.

Then she said she was gonna put the johnny she got off Vanessa Wood in the card too. Stupid girl.

I’m really worried that I’m gonna forget summit. I mean, I’ve got tomorrow morning too coz most people going skiing are staying off ‘til 12:00 noon.

Oh well…


Her mum actually shaved her bald! – 11th February 1998

Wednesday 11th There was a memorial assembly type thing for Mr H this morning and a lot of people were wearing bright ties to remember him by.

I was sat right in front of Ralph, Freddie and Ferny and Ralph smiled at me when I turned round. They kept whispering and it was making me really paranoid.

Ralph cycled home at lunch actually. He must have been ill coz he didn’t come back.

Lizzie has got the worst hair cut yet. She let her mum do it and told her she wanted it “sort of shaved up at the back”. Everyone else knew she just meant shorter but her mum actually shaved her bald! It looks like this when it’s down:-

February 1998 - Bald

Lizzie managed to cover it up quite well by wearing a headband so it covered the bald bit. She was really good about it too. She knew how bad it looked but she just laughed it off. She was really brave coming to school too! [I’m amazed to this day that she braved school AND managed to laugh it off. I’d have cried at home for a year.]

On my way home I walked past this fire engine and all the firemen came to the window of it so I stuck my thumb up at them and this really fit one did it back.


We’ll slash his tyres – 7th & 9th January 1998

Wednesday 7th Mrs C’s shifted the desks about so Lizzie and I aren’t sitting in front of Dougie and Neil K. We’re still near them but it’s not as easy to turn round and talk to them. Dougie sounded quite disappointed actually.  He said, “Ah, we can’t talk to you anymore.”

Emma and Sarah tried to get my £1 back off Ralph but the 1st time they mentioned it he started singing Gala ‘Free From Desire’. The 2nd time he told them he only had 20p.


P.S. Hockey was good actually. We did it indoors too and I didn’t bother cleaning my trainers last night so I was squelching and dropping mud all round the sports hall!

January 1998 - Hockey

Friday 9th I tried to get my quid back today. I caught him scrambling round looking for his bag amongst a load that had been dumped on the floor. It was said like this:-

T: Ralph, you owe me a quid.
R: No I don’t.
T: Yeah you do. Just think, you could have been left at Warrington Bus Station but I…
R: Yeah ok. I’ll give it you back sometime, like next year.
T: No, you’ll give it me on Monday or I’ll have your bike.

January 1998 - Money

It’s a bit daft of him to get on the wrong side of people when everyone know which is his bike. Emma’s gonna tell him we’ll slash his tyres if I don’t get my money back! [Ha! Yeah right.]


January 1998 - Drip