A passionate reunion!! – 28th February 2000

Monday 28th I went round to Brian Hobbs’s house last night because a few of my mates were having a get-together. Jake got the night off work so he could come with me. I got a text saying, “I’VE JUST LEGGED IT TO THE PUB TO BEG THE LANDLORD TO GIVE ME THE NIGHT OFF. LOVE JAKE xxx”. I’m glad he did because it was quite a good night.

My mum asked who was going and when I mentioned Jake she asked if he was the one who gave me the rose. When I said he was, she asked if I was going out with him. I sort of shrugged and squirmed a bit and she said, “Is it just early days yet?” It was so cringing!!

We got to Brian’s and just drank and chatted. Hugo phoned me and started going on about Jake and some girl called Claire who he’d been rolling round on the floor with at some party a while ago when he’d been really drunk. Apparently it looked like they were doing more than kissing but weren’t. She’s meant to be ugly and he was very, very drunk.

Hayley phoned Hugo later and started yelling down then phone at him about stuff. He then fell out with Jake who says he doesn’t care. He had ‘a word’ with Hugo which Hayley overheard. He was telling Hugo that he’d better stop telling me stuff about other girls. Maybe he’s got some dark secrets or something! I’m worried again now!

We started talking about Canada and he said I have to go and visit him. I pointed out that 5 months was a long time and he said that he might only be out there for 3 now. Good!

As it got later, the lights went out and I ended up in Brian’s bed with Jake. There was everyone else in the room too though! We just snogged all night. My lips are really sore this morning because he was on top of me and couldn’t hold himself up properly. He wasn’t as gentle as usual but I didn’t really care! It was just a passionate reunion!!

I somehow got onto the subject of becoming a prostitute when I go to Holland but then Jake told me I was too pretty. 🙂 He also told me I had a nice complexion and nice hair. Hope my skin stays nice now I’m off the tablets.

We couldn’t do much other than kiss when the others were in the room, although I’m not sure we would’ve done even if we’d have been alone. He’s a bit shy but I suppose it’s better than being pushy. He did end up with his hand in my bra and he had his shirt off though. Gethin was going round with a camera so I hope he didn’t get any really dodgy ones! [Almost…]


Either all the passion or my really bad ski tan appears to have shocked The Simpsons.

Jake kept hugging me really tightly as well. That was dead nice.

We left at about 2:15 am in a taxi. We were pretty silent but it wasn’t awkward. He just held my hand tighter and tighter as I got closer to home.

I don’t think I’ve ever liked anyone this much before.


P.S. Something’s been bugging me all day because I don’t know if it actually happened last night or if it was a really vivid dream. I moved my hand from underneath me and brushed over the flies on his trousers. He then jerked away from kissing me and sat up and said something a bit dodgy (but not bad). The more I think about it, the more I think it must’ve been a dream because surely he wouldn’t have announced it in a room full of people, whether they were asleep or not! It’s really annoying me because I really don’t know if it happened or not!

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