Got shown his knob, came back – 22nd & 24th January 2000

Saturday 22nd I went to LA Bowl tonight. Quite a lot of people went again but nowt interesting happened.

Hayley went off with Andy, got fingered, got shown his knob, came back.

Chris Kelly-Banks snogged Amanda Bryan.

Furry Anton Roper snogged Amanda’s sister, Stephanie.

Freda was being a lesbian at me again and was pissing me off so I had a right go at her. She stopped after that. It probably won’t last too long though unfortunately.

I sent a message to Damon on behalf of Lizzie on her phone saying stuff like, “I want you” and “I’ve been in denial for so long” and “I’m finally letting my feelings be known”. We wanted a response but never got one.

Lizzie told me that Amir’s middle name begins with J and that he’s got wandering hands. Apparently Becki bent over at some party thing and he was having trouble controlling his hands and admitted that he couldn’t help it but he had wandering hands and was dead embarrassed once he’d sobered up!


Monday 24th Boring day. I had a 3-part apology text message from Freda today saying sorry for pissing me off on Saturday and that she’s only joking cos she’s really in love with Jenny Wilde!

I found out today that Stu’s the cousin of a girl called Emily who used to go to my primary and high school. Small world as Hayley put it.


P.S. The Man Utd v. Arsenal match was a bloody good one tonight, even if it was only 1-1. Utd have got a good few games in hand though.

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