He had his hands in my bra – 26th July 2000

Wednesday 26th Jake and I actually got some sleep last night despite being in the same bed. It was really nice waking up to him this morning.

I got to sit next to him on the coach on the way back.


When I was covered up with my fleece, he pulled my top down and he had his hands in my bra but then the coach stopped at the services. Everyone was too tired to notice what he was up to I think!


[In case you can’t read that, my cash and carry shopping haul consisted of 1 massive Milka chocolate slab, 1 bottle of Bacardi and 1 bottle of Archers.]

I discovered that he likes me running my fingers through his hair and being tickled but he says he’s never been ticklish before and that it’s just the way I do it. He said he likes being messed with.

We arrived back quite late. Neither of us wanted to come home cos we know we won’t see each other anywhere near as much now.


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