I was being extremely paranoid!! – 1st May 2000

Monday 1st It was Community Day in the next village today, held on the village green. Swing Band had to play. It was sooo embarrassing! We had to wear out yellow t-shirts and Jake, Gethin, Hayley and Floyd were watching!

Millennium Dome '00 Tess

My mum and dad were there too for a while so I was a bit worried whenever Jake wandered near them because they know Hayley and could’ve used it as an excuse to go over and check him out! I was being extremely paranoid!!

When we’d done Swing Band and got changed, we went for a walk round the new housing estate cos Hayley wanted to see if she could see that bloke again. We didn’t. Jake held my hand all the way round and whenever we let go, he tried to hold it again.

After our walk, we got hungry so we piled into Jake’s car and went to McDonald’s. While we were eating our McTriples with cheese, Hayley said something about wanting to go and see Andy in Lymm so Jake said he’d take us. He said he really didn’t mind. We dropped Floyd (and this lad called Robert who’d joined us) off in their village and went to Lymm. We drove past Andy’s house 4 times but we don’t think he was in.

When we’d done that, we had nothing to do so Jake took us to Knutsford to see Hugo’s house. It wasn’t as big as people had made it out to be but there’s a house that looks like a bloody castle a few doors down!

We just had to sit and watch Hugo’s DVD things. He was being alright but it’s so unfair cos he’s got so much cool stuff that we could never afford!

He put Lenny Kravitz’s American Woman video on and, as he did it, he said, “Jake likes this one, don’t you?!” very loudly. It was just full of women with not much on so, as you can imagine, I didn’t need to hear what Hugo had said! Meanwhile, Jake had gone the same colour as his shirt – pink!!


P.S. I got a couple of nice messages off Jake last night. I told him that I didn’t want to go back to college and that I’m in need of an all night party with him and preferably a bed (meaning that perfectly innocently, of course!). His reaction was, “MMMN! DON’T TEASE ME WITH THOUGHTS LIKE THAT BUT YES I’M IN NEED TOO! : ) I WANT TO GO BACK! I’M GONNA BE SO BORED WHEN I LEAVE – AND I WON’T SEE YOU EVERY DAY! : ( x”.

I pointed out that we’d coped (just about!) this holiday and he said, “I SUPPOSE! I’M NOT GONNA BE ABLE TO CONCENTRATE ON REVISING IF I DON’T SEE YOU!! I’LL PROBABLY FAIL! I’VE NEVER THOUGHT SO MUCH ABOUT SOMETHING BEFORE! : ) xxxxx”.

I assume he means me, not failing his exams! I wonder what he does think about though. Maybe I’m better off not knowing!

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