Jake has no underarm hair – 10th & 11th August 2000

Thursday 10th to Friday 11th Abby got back from Portugal today. She’s gone all brown. She brought me back a bottle of peach vodka which is nice so I’m not so jealous now! This was off the lid of the bottle. I don’t know what it is! →


Jake and I went to the Trafford Centre today because we had nothing else to do. We now avoid Starbucks because Ralph’s got a job in there which could be looked upon as a bit of a health hazard! Sorry, that was mean! Instead, we went to see The Perfect Storm at the cinema. It was really good but a bit sad cos the all die in it. What makes it worse is that it was based on a true story.

Last night was Emma’s party. Sarah wasn’t going to come but then Maz turned up so I phoned her and she got a taxi down. Amazingly, she made friends with Lizzie. Everyone’s in shock!

It was a really good party but nothing major happened. Emma let Jake and I sleep in her parents’ room which was nice. As usual, we didn’t get all that much sleep. Nothing more than normal happened with is though. 3 and took my top off.

I like it not being awkward anymore cos it’s better feeling comfortable with him. I think we got a couple of hours sleep and then woke up and just lay there with each other. That was until Gethin, Niall Cafferty, Emma, Floyd and Francesca all trooped in. Gethin pointed out that Jake has no underarm hair. It’s weird he doesn’t but you can tell he doesn’t shave it like Gethin thinks he does!

Tonight, more people came to The Dog so it was much better. Sarah couldn’t come cos it’s her dad’s birthday so she had to go out for a meal but Lizzie, Cat, Floyd and Karen Brent came along this week. It was much more lively with more people to talk to, even if we were all knackered after Emma’s party!


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