He has an “instant reaction” – 28th July 2000

Friday 28th This is the postcard that took ages arriving. I forgot to stick it in before. My mum said it arrived after I’d left for Valkenburg.



It was really nice waking up to Jake again this morning. We stayed in bed for ages. I just feel totally comfortable being around him now. He told me he is happy and that he loves me sooo much and couldn’t love me any more cos there’s no more love in him. That’s so sweet!

He also told me he likes me with my hair down best.

It was Freda’s party tonight. Nothing much happened for me cos I was with Jake all night but Sarah had a mad, passionate session with Adam Reynolds, a total creep who is also known as Furry Adam cos of his minging facial hair! I shoved him into the kitchen door and a wall cos he kept feeling my arse.

Jake did nothing but wasn’t very pleased with Furry Adam who kept saying he just wanted to be friends with me and who I kept telling to fuck off!

Jake brought his tent so we slept in one sleeping bag in there. It was very squashed but very warm and cosy! Every so often Jake kept snoring so he must have fallen asleep. We had no room in the sleeping bag to do much else, although he had an unsuccessful go at undoing my skirt!


[I can’t believe I didn’t write down the fact I dropped that entire bottle of Archers (that I’d only just purchased from the cash and carry in Calais) moments after this photo was taken. It was devastating enough to remember 18 years later!]

I did manage to tickle him though and found a bit on his stomach that he reckons is like a G-spot cos he has an “instant reaction”. I’m not entirely sure what reaction that is though!


[I found a couple more photos from the party. As well as failing to mention that I dropped the bottle of Archers, I also failed to mention that fancy dress was optional.]


[Sarah chasing Reverend Gethin through Freda’s village.]


[Karen looking after Gethin whilst Sarah went for a wee.]

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