He rested his lips on mine – 24th October 1999

Sunday 24th I think I’ll begin with last night. It’s left me with totally mixed emotions today. I feel guilty, happy and worried all at the same time. This is what happened…

Lizzie’s dad picked me up at about 7:45pm and dropped us both off at Aled’s. When we arrived, Karen, Julian, Oscar and Aled (of course!) were already there. We went up to Aled’s room where they were on his Playstation and I got a phone call on my mobile. It was Sarah telling me she couldn’t make it because she had to work late. This completely ruined my plan of getting her to phone Big Paul and asking him out, leaving Aled free for me.

After she’d hung up, Abby phoned telling me that she couldn’t get anyone out on the park to go in Victoria Wine for me because the police were about. I wasn’t really bothered because the others had brought drinks.

We all trooped downstairs and put on some video that Julian brought but we soon got bored and Aled and Karen began their tequila slammer contest. That stuff is vile but they necked back quite a few so they got very drunk, very quickly! By then I’d already had one of Lizzie’s Bacardi Breezers and a Bacardi and coke (which was more like coke and Bacardi!) so I was beginning to feel the effects.


[Different party, same year, same drink. I was never far from a Bacardi Breezer in 1999.]

Aled and Karen stopped and I went in the kitchen to get another drink but there was no coke left so I had Bacardi and Irn Bru. Aled followed me in and put his arm round me and showed me the list of things his parents had left him to do. I didn’t really care so I went back to finish making my drink. I put a sensible amount of Bacardi in but Aled decided to help and filled the glass about half way with it before putting a bit of Irn Bru in. By now I’d had about half the bottle of Bacardi to myself. I think Aled was trying to get me drunk!

I went back in the living room again. Julian was sat watching his video, Lizzie and Oscar were cuddling up on the sofa but Karen was nowhere to be seen. Then Aled came staggering in and announced that Karen was being sick in his sink. Julian and Oscar and Lizzie went to have a look and Aled cuddled up next to me on the sofa, holding my hand and kissing me on the cheek. I started telling him not to and explained about the Sarah situation. He said he didn’t care because she had no chance anyway.

The lads were trying to persuade the 3 of us to stay over so I phoned my mum but she put her foot down and wouldn’t let me because she said it might get out of hand. Lizzie said her dad’d take me home at about 1:00am. My mum was fine with that and so was I because Mum was threatening to come and pick me up and embarrass me.

When I came off the phone, Julian was stood on the landing upstairs trying to wake Aled up because he’d fallen asleep on the bathroom floor! I think he made it to his bed and fell asleep there instead.

I went back down and got surrounded by the others telling me to sod Sarah and stop being so stupid and go and snog Aled. I explained that I’d promised Sarah I wouldn’t but Julian and Oscar were saying that Aled just wouldn’t speak to her if he thought it was her fault I wouldn’t meet [snog] him because he really fancies me. I asked them if that was just their opinion or of he’d actually said that. They said he told them and they asked me if I liked him. I said I did.

I went up to see if he was awake but he wasn’t and I couldn’t wake him up so I went back downstairs and sulked because I thought I’d blown it. They all got sick of my whinging so Julian went up to wake Aled up. When Julian told Aled I liked him he just grinned and nodded, still with his eyes closed before sleeping again.

Then Lizzie went up to wake him. He did the same as he’d done to Julian but then she tried again and it worked. I got sent in and he woke up properly. I sat on his bed and he sat up and put his arm around me. We talked for a few minutes and I said how I had to go home in about minutes. I leaned back against the wall and so did he.

We just talked about Sarah again and he repeated what he’d said about her having no chance. He said her body had improved or something but he just wasn’t interested in her. I was telling him about how I was going to try to set her up with Big Paul but she’d liked Aled for ages too.

He then said that all this started happening between us at Freda’s pairty whch was a while ago too. I explained it didn’t happen because I was ‘kind of seeing someone’ and I had to explain about Duncan. I lied and said we’d ended it. Then I told Aled about how I’d done stuff like this to Sarah before such as with Ollie Bramwell.

Aled just didn’t care about Sarah and leaned over and kissed my face again. He rested his lips on mine and I eventually just gave in and I went with [snogged] him. He’s a nice, slow kisser. [CRINGING!] He stopped and asked me what I was going to say to Sarah but I wanted him to carry on so I said I didn’t care (another lie).

He stopped again and said, “So doesn’t this mean we’re going out or just meeting [snogging] each other or what?” I told him we’d better just stick to meeting each other for the time being.

Eventually, Lizzie yelled up to tell me that her dad had arrived so I went downstairs, followed by Aled. We had one last snog in the kitchen while the others were giggling in the hall and then I left. I really want to know what was said between the lads when I’d gone.

All day today I’ve been feeling guilty because of Sarah but happy because I might be seeing Aled and I’ve also been worried about how the hell I was going to tell Sarah.

Then this evening she phoned. I just confessed and apologised then told her about Karen and apologised some more. She made me feel even guiltier though by being so nice about it, saying it didn’t matter. I knew she was upset really but she also said she’d been expecting it.

A few minutes later, Lizzie phoned. I’ve been trying to get hold of her all day for advice on what to say to Sarah but it was too late by the time I finally got to speak to her. She was saying that Oscar had just phoned her and told her that Aled can’t remember anything and he and Julian had to fill him in on what they knew. He said all Aled could rememeber was starting the tequila contest, something about Karen being really drink and waking up to see me on his bed and feeling really happy about it.

I wish he hadn’t been quite so drunk. It’s not exactly flattering that he can’t even remember meeting me on his bed or in the kitchen. Mind you, I should’ve expected it really, the amount he’d had to drink!

Lizzie also jogged my memory a bit. She reminded me of when Aled had his arm round me but had hold of Lizzie’s arm instead of mine. Maybe stuff’ll come back to him too.


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