Maggotboy – 6th September 1999

Monday 6th As I predicted, Hayley still wasn’t speaking to me today and everybody was taking the piss out of me and Aled. Hayley began to speak to me again in 4th lesson but before that she was being even more of a bitch than I thought she’d be. Lizzie could see what she was being like and how pathetic she was being so she stuck with me.

I don’t know what Hayley’d told everyone else but when Lizzie and I first arrived in Biology, Hayley and everyone else had shifted the seats about so there was no room for me and Lizzie. It was really unfair that she was being a cow to Lizzie too. It’s bad enough the fact she’s started it in the first place. Oscar came over to sit and talk to Lizzie at break time and Hayley said, “Oh look, it’s the sad couple” really loudly in front of everyone. I can’t believe the way she was behaving.

All day she kept making nasty little comments about me too. Things like, “Did you notice how much lighter the room got when she sat down then?” just after I’d been stood by the window. She kept saying things about how desperate Aled and I must have been. She even commented on it to Ewan Swann when he came and stood by the table we were at for no apparent reason. The part I heard went something like, “It’ll be you she launches herself at next.”

Hayley really does deserve a good slapping but I know that’s what she’d like to happen or at least me reacting to her comments and having a go at her. Instead, I’ve just ignored them because I can see it’s the way her mind’s working. She wants me to say something or do something back so that she’ll have a real reason to be annoyed with me then she can go and cry in the toilets and get loads of sympathy for herself and loads of trouble for me.

She’s doing this because she knows she’s the one that’s wrong about me breaking that bloody pig at the party but by the time she found out it wasn’t me, she’d already told too many people about what a bitch I was and she was getting loads of attention. She doesn’t want to admit she’s wrong because she she’ll look stupid for blaming me and not listening and she’ll lose the attention and people could even side with me when they realise what a cow she’s been.

The annoying thing is that even if she decided to talk to me again then I’ll have to either pretend like nowt’s happened and talk to her or face all that fuss again and that’s really not worth it.

As for Aled, well, it’s just so embarrassing really. Hayley’s been using it to try and get at me and Freda has been yelling things across the rooms to him about me fancying him. Everyone keeps calling him ‘Maggotboy’ too because in Austria he came out of the shower in only a towel and it fell off and apparently there was hardly anything there! Now people keep asking me if it’s true!

They’re only joking but I’m getting sick of it. NOTHING’S HAPPENED!!! I don’t even fancy the boy. [Fibber.] In fact, the thought of snogging him and stuff makes me feel a bit sick and he’s not even that bad looking or anything. I hope I don’t make him feel sick but I really hope he doesn’t fancy me. Usually I want people to but this’d be so awkward if he asked me out or something.

I don’t want to go to school tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Maggotboy – 6th September 1999

  1. What a BITCH!! And all over breaking a pig! (I have obviously missed that post but I am intrigued!)
    This brings back sooooo many memories of schoolgirl bitching. I hope Hayley gets her comeuppance!


    • She could be a fecking nightmare! It was like treading on eggshells all the time with her. I still see her occasionally and AdultHayley seems lovely so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and put it down to hormones. Reading all this back annoys me all over again though so I hope I don’t bump into her any time soon!

      (There was a link about that bloody pig missing from this post… in case you’re bored off your face and want a read about Maggotboy’s assault and abduction of said pig.)


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