Assault and abduction of the pig – 5th September 1999

Sunday 5th I went to Freda’s party last night. It was quite good apart from the fact that Hayley went in a total mood with me… again!

Somebody’s birthday present to Hayley was this walking, grunting toy pig from Boots and at one point she gave it to me to look after. Everyone in the room was telling me to put it on the floor and switch it on so I did but then Aled Brownlee whacked it one with a Lambrusco bottle. The compartment for the batteries broke and came flying out so he picked it up and ran off with it.

Nobody had a clue what he’d done with it and as soon as Hayley found out it was missing, she decided it must be my fault. So, she kept ignoring and making nasty little comments, like when I asked her if she was going to open her champagne she replied, “Well, I won’t be sharing it with you if I do.” Also, when I was sprawled across a whole sofa and I was jokingly not letting Cat sit down, she said loudly, “See Cat, as selfish as ever.” Bitch! I’m getting sick of her doing this at parties.

Cat told me, after Hayley’d found the pig and pissed of home at about 11:00pm, that she’d also been annoyed with me because I always say before parties that I’ll stick with her but once I get there I never do. Well, to start with I didn’t say I’d stick with her and, anyway, can you blame me for not doing?! She’s no fun whatsoever. All she does is moan and whinge and sulk or sit in front of the computer trying to get cybersex! I just went and found people who were being less miserable and much livelier.

Even after Bridget Linehan (who’d been witness to the assault and abduction of the pig) told her it wasn’t my fault it’d gone missing, I didn’t hear an apology. In fact, she still wouldn’t speak to me. It’ll be like this for ages now.

After I’d decided to sod Hayley, I just hung about with Lizzie, Oscar Price and Aled. Aled was being really nice to me and he kept getting me drinks and letting me sit down where he’d been sat and stuff. When he’d gone out of the room after sitting on the arm of the chair I was on and talking to me, Oscar told me that he’d been trying to chat me up.

I hadn’t thought about it until then but I realise that, as far as I knew, I was just about the only one he hadn’t been taking the piss out of. Then when he came back, he started touching my hand while he was talking to me and we ended up holding hands.

But then Freda’s dad started clearing the lads out and giving them lifts home but Aled and Oscar didn’t want to leave so they got out of the window and were over the fence before Freda’s dad piled them into the car.

When we began clearing up, Lizzie and I sneaked out to try and find them. We did and just hung around for a while until about 1:00am when we thought her dad’d be in bed. We were just sat on a bench outside The Smithy pub, Lizzie + Oscar holding hands and me + Aled holding hands until we decided to go back.

While we were walking, Aled had his arm round my waist instead so I tried not to be left alone with him because I didn’t want to snog him

  1. because of Duncan so I didn’t want him to end up asking me out.
  2. because I might have regretted it when people were taking the piss on Monday.
  3. because most people think he’s a knob and I don’t want everyone asking “Why?” all the time.

I didn’t end up having to but probably if the Duncan factor didn’t exist I would’ve done, although I’m not sure I’d feel guilty anymore because he’s not keeping in touch and he probably wouldn’t find out anyway.

We arrived back at Freda’s but they’d locked the door and were all upstairs so I had to climb through a window to let the others in. For the rest of the night we hardly slept other than about 10 minutes and just watched TV. I was sat on a sofa with Aled and he either held my hand, had his hand on my leg or was rubbing my arm. It was quite nice actually and he was constantly making me laugh with his piss taking and sarcastic comments. He was kissing my hand a bit at one point but that was it thank goodness.

I hope he doesn’t decide he really does like me and ask me out or something because I don’t like saying no. I’d have to because too many people here know about Duncan and, anyway, even though I like Aled, I don’t like him enough. It’d be too embarrassing and all because of other people’s opinions about him. That shouldn’t matter but it does!

My mum ended up giving Aled and Oscar a lift back to their village and when I got in I went to bed.

I’ve not heard from Hayley today which is a bad sign because I can’t be doing with the hassle of falling out with her. Rhian phoned though. Duncan’s apparently told Laura that he’s written to me, e-mailed me and he tried to phone on Saturday but couldn’t get through. I think he’s lying because the e-mail at least would’ve reached here by now and there isn’t one from him. Laura also thinks he only said “no” when she asked if he was going to write just because he was showing off or something.

Rhian said that Melanie has beaten up Leanne and Frances really badly and she might get expelled from school and get send to some sort of home in Inverness. Rhian thinks it’s funny. Could be!


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