“Oh, so we’re good enough for you now, are we?” – 7th & 8th September 1999

Tuesday 7th Hayley’s speaking to me again which is one thing at least but I’ve found new things to worry about.

One is Sports Studies. The teachers expect you to do sport outside of school and stuff but I don’t. I’ve not idea if this is going to be a major problem later on but now the subject keeps being brought up in lesson times. For example, today in Miss P’s lesson we had to relate some work we’d just done to a sport we do. I had to make it up. That’s no way to go on for the next 2 years. I suppose I’ll just have to take things as they come and if necessary I’ll have to tell one of the teachers. I mean, it didn’t matter at GCSE but I don’t know if it will now or not. I’ll have to see.

The other thing is this ‘enrichment activities afternoon’ which is tomorrow. In the assembly we had today, we were given sheets and we had virtually no time at all to decide what we were going to do for each term of the year. I ended up putting down CLAIT (this computer thing) for period 4 all year, which is fine, but then I put this community studies or something down for period 5. I didn’t really have a clue what it was but we were all in such a rush to hand the sheets back in that Hayley, Freda and I ticked that box because everything else seemed to be all debates and business studies.

I read what I’d signed up for and found out that we have to go and visit old people’s homes and the hospice and stuff. I don’t know what to expect really. I’m now thinking that maybe I should’ve put down P.E. instead because I might need it more. Oh, I don’t know. I suppose it’s a bit late now. I just wish they’d given us longer than 5 minutes to think about it.

Freda told Abby about me and Aled at the party after Swing Band tonight. I wish she hadn’t. Abby thinks I fancy him now. Freda also seems to have told Emma about it too because she asked me about it. She also asked me if I wanted to go to a 70s night tonight in Warrington at Mr Smith’s (but I didn’t) and if I want to go to Laser Quest for Heidi Warner’s birthday on Saturday (I probably will).

Right, well, I’ll go away and try to stop worrying now.


Wednesday 8th Not much has really happened except that Hayley won’t speak to me again. I’m not sure why. I think the background reason is that she’s still feeling humiliated about getting the pig thing wrong but she still can’t find a reason to be annoyed with me so she’s trying to wind me up so I’ll shout at her or summit and give her a reason.

I think the excuse she was using today was that I ignored her this morning. I didn’t, I just didn’t jump up and go and sit with her because I was talking to Lizzie, Dougie, Oscar and others. She could’ve sat with us.

When I did attempt to talk to her, she responded with, “Oh, so we’re good enough for you now, are we?” Stupid cow! All I can really do now is ignore it, act like normal and hope she gets bored and gets over it.

That community students course doesn’t seem too bad. I’ve been paired with Freda and we basically have to visit an old person and chat or do shopping for them and stuff.

I saw Ewan playing netball today. It was rather amusing because he was the only lad!


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