Lying on my back with my legs in the air – 14th August 1997

[The title of this one may be misleading if your mind is firmly planted in the gutter.]

Thursday 14th Dad came back up here on the plane today and we went to the airport to pick him up.

August 1997 - Plane

He seemed to enjoy the flight even though there was a slight delay. The dog was so pleased to see him then she started yapping at him as if she was telling him off for going away!

We rode down to the town today in search of some music which (unbelievably) we found. [It seems I was constantly pleasantly surprised by Wick. An advantage of being a pessimist, I s’pose.] It was 2 CDs, Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

and Meredith Brooks – Bitch.

As we were going, we passed Ben McFarlane. He looked even more gorgeous today wearing his baseball cap. Why is it that now I’ve seen him I’m going home soon? It’s so annoying!

I’m sore all over now. The 3 of us were going down a stony dirt track at top speed. It was steep and I swerved and went flying over my bike handlebars! Rhian crashed into the back of me and ended up hanging over a steep drop. She was only hanging on by a piece of rock whilst I was rolling over and tumbling down this dirt track!

Abby was behind us watching and sniggering and Rhian started yelling 4 help and that she couldn’t feel her leg that was trapped under her bike. I stopped falling and was lying on my back with my legs in the air, waiting for the pain to kick in. Then I started sliding so Abby was trying to stop both of us. She got me up first then pulled Rhian up.

I checked myself and I had a graze on my left elbow, cuts on both knees, a cut on my left shin and a bleeding flap of skin on the palm of my hand. It all had grit in it and was really stinging. Rhian had a big bruise on her shin so we both limped back home together!


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