He’s absolutely gorgeous! – 10th-13th August 1997

Sunday 10th The weather was miserable today so we stayed in mostly. The footy was on so I watched that. It was Man Utd’s first match of the season against Spurs. Sheringham missed a penalty and I feel sorry for him coz it was his old team and the fans were jeering at him. It was 0-0 for ages then in the last 20 mins, Man U really hyped up the tempo [Ha! What?!] and Nicky Butt scored. Then a few mins later there was an own goal off Vega so MUFC won 2-0.

There was athletics on too and Britain won a bronze and silver for relays.

We also went for a bike ride round Wick and we stopped and these lads were watching us from their house. They came out and played footy. One was nice!


Tuesday 12th We went to Ackergill Pier today. It was good and hot. We also went to the Portland Arms again.

This evening we went for a bike ride again and we saw Richard Gregory and 3 of his mates. He’s such a prat!


Wednesday 13th I think we might’ve missed a match today between Southampton and MUFC.

We went to see our cousin Amy and her little girl Ashlinn and the new baby. He’s so sweet. They both are!

I was on a bike ride today and I saw Ben McFarlane. He’s absolutely gorgeous! He looked at me too! For future reference, he lives at 17 Langley Place, Wick, Caithness and his telephone number is 01955                . [I’d left a gap to fill in later once I’d had chance to do some phonebook research.]


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