She’s like some sort of skinny insect – 4th September 1997

Thursday 4th I actually managed not to go back to sleep when Mum woke me up at 7:00 am even though I hadn’t had much sleep through worrying about school.

Mum dropped me off at the post box on the corner so I could make my way to school with Zoe, Leona and Poppy. None of us wanted to go.

As soon as we arrived at school, we met up with Olivia who was already there. Olivia and I went straight to the boards to see what rooms we were in. My form was in the same room but Olivia’s had moved over to the other side of the block. She’s in a form with most of my friends. I also deliberately looked to see which form was next door to mine. I got a bit excited coz Dougie (James Douglas – this boy I quite like) is in that form!

All morning, we were in our tutor groups whilst we were being given our certificates and timetables and new homework diaries (URGH!!!) etc.

At 1st break, I went and compared timetables with all my friends. I think I’m with someone for each subject except P.E. Quite a few of my friends chose to do that as one of their Year 10 options too but I’m not with any of them! I’m really worried now coz I’m either going to be stuck with all the Bitch Brigade or I’ll be stuck with a load of lads!  That happened to a girl last year because her timetable didn’t fit in with everyone else’s lesson so she ended up being the only girl in her group!

I’m really worried now coz even if I’m not stuck with the boys, I don’t know anyone which means I’m gonna have trouble getting people to work with me. Last year I really looked forward to P.E. This year I’m dreading it!

We also had an assembly this morning so we could be welcomed into Year 10 and so we could meet our new head teacher, Mr C. We all straightened our uniforms before we went in in the Drama Studio and Miss R (my form tutor) made me lengthen my tie. [Short ties were cool ties back then.]

We were sat there for ages before he finally came in. I had never seen him before and I really had to try and hold back the smiles! He is a tall, thin man with glasses, a suit that looks too big and (this was what really made me laugh) thinning, wirey, fluffy, yellow hair!!! [Teens are MEAN.]

We had our first two lessons in the afternoon. I had Art first. I’ve got Mrs S and I hate her! She’s like some sort of skinny insect that creeps round the room. She’s really strange! [I had it in for all things teacher that day.]

I’m with some of my friends. Bella Jameson (who I’m sat with), Milla Green and I was sort of friends with Polly Grady and Cheryl Ainley in Industry Week. It was a boring lesson. She just told us what we’d be doing all year.

Last lesson I had English with Mrs N, formally known as Miss G. (She got married in case you’re too thick to work it out!) I had her in Year 9 and she was ok then. She told us roughly what we’d be doing and we started autobiography work. We just had to discuss and write down a vivid memory so I did when I fell off a cliff in Scotland. [Slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect.]

We’ve got 2 new boys that I’ve seen. We were meant to get a 3rd one in our form but he hasn’t come. There’s one that looks horrible! He’s got gelled black hair and his ear pierced and he looks really nasty! The other one is from Tennessee. He’s tall, tanned, blonde hair and blue eyes. In English, I caught him glancing at me 3 times! I can’t decide if I like him or not!

So far, Dougie’s not been in any of my lessons. In fact, I’m not sure I want him to be coz if I have to answer a question or read out work in front of him it could be embarrassing for me. There’s a possibility that he could be in my Geography class though.


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