Sticky kisses – 15th & 16th August 1997

Friday 15th It’s our last day here today so we went swimming. I was just thinking that there weren’t any nice lads there then Ben McFarlane turned up. He was wearing a cap again and looked so fit! He was helping his mum (who works there) roll away the big float and he did look at me! I also saw him playing footy this evening and in the town when he watched me ride off.


P.S. I don’t wanna go yet!

Saturday 16th I’m in the Windlestrae Hotel in Kinross now. It’s really nice. I’ve discovered 3 nice lads already. [That would’ve got it extra points from me had TripAdvisor existed in 1997.] One is with a wedding party and is Scottish (wearing a kilt) with black hair. One is with 2 adults and is English and tall with blonde hair. There is an absolutely gorgeous, tanned, French boy too with dark hair and tall and he looked at me and grabbed the back of my seat in the dining room when there was tonnes of room to avoid me.

None of them are as nice as Ben McFarlane though.

I hated saying goodbye to Auntie S and all my cousins this morning. Rhian went all quiet and Tom and Mini kept giving me sticky kisses coz they’d been eating the lollies we’d left inside a goodbye note.

As we were travelling away from Wick, I watched it disappear into the distance which took ages!


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