He could be lying – 9th & 10th July 1997

Wednesday 9th Got new Zineryt from the doctor for my skin.

I saw Charlie Wilson (who Emma and Abby fancy) after school and somebody said they saw him in a Royal Mail van for work experience.

We were talking to someone in Huddersfield on the internet called Afy (Afzal or something). He said he was 15 and doesn’t like school. He’s in the year above me in school and plays football but doesn’t really support anyone. But he could be lying. [I assumed everyone on the internet was lying about even the most mundane things.]


Thursday 10th We got the groups for Industry Week which is next week in school. It sounds awful coz in our groups we have to make mobiles or something and do presentations and stuff.

Abby and I were on the internet this evening for about 3 hours. We were talking to Chesapeak (screen name) or Jake Thorne in Virginia, America. He’s 13 and his birthday is on 12th May 1984, 16 days before Abby’s. He was talking mostly about school and weather and stuff. It was a good conversation and I think we might well be hearing from Jake again.


2 thoughts on “He could be lying – 9th & 10th July 1997

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