Ok, I have a confession – 7th & 8th July 1997

Monday 7th Not too much has really happened today except Dougie’s back! I saw him as I was walking home with Emma so I said, “Have you been moaning about Emma phoning you?” He was smiling as he saw us before I said that but he was smiling more after out of embarrassment!

He mumbled something about Ed (who told Emma) making it up. Ahh! Poor Dougie, the little liar!

As I was in the car with Mum and Abby, I saw Dougie again. This time he was running along the road. He has a piano lesson after school so he must’ve just finished.

Danny and the rest of the Year 10s are on work experience for TWO WEEKS!! I suppose I’ve still got Dougie though!


Tuesday 8th Hi! It’s been so hot in school today! The teachers actually let us take our blazers off. Amazing!

We’ve found a disc for the computer which gets you on the internet. It’s so cool! There’s not really anyone interesting [On the whole of the internet?] or our age expect Tysonn who was a bit weird!

If I get hold of Inpaler again, I’m going to ask the same questions and see if I get the same answers to see if he’s telling the truth. [How very sensible and suspicious of me.]

If I get hold of Freda, I’ll make stuff up and see what she says about herself then probably tease her in school! [Is this an early example of potential cyber bullying?]

Ok, I have a confession.

(DO NOT READ THIS NEXT PART TO EMMA!) [Occasionally we read our diaries to each other.] I quite like Robert Osborne. Emma fancies him but I don’t. [Why so secretive then?] I just think he’s nice.

Also, one of Dougie’s mates, Will Fernley (or Ferny), looks quite nice now he’s had his hair cut.

Urgh, it was the induction day today for the little shits, sorry, Year 6s. They completely take over! We’ve got to put up with them for the next 2 days as well!


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