We’ve got to get rid of the internet – 23rd & 24th November 1997

Sunday 23rd What a bastard! I’m talking about Freddie. He didn’t bloody well turn up! We phoned him eventually and he said he was babysitting. He could’ve phoned to tell us. We still went skating and got picked up earlier than expected.

So, me and Emma, sorry, Emma and I have decided that if we go anywhere else with them, we’re going to go but turn up really late, you know, just to keep ‘em hanging! Either that or not at all!


Monday 24th Okay, Freddie has given Emma his excuse today. He told her that he did have to babysit his brother because he had a fever. Also, his dad had to go into hospital for an operation. A vesectamy or whatever it’s called. Hmmm!

I’ve forgiven him now. He isn’t so much of a bastard as Dougie. He told Lizzie this morning that he didn’t even wanna come. Well why didn’t he just say so?! At least Freddie did want to come, or so he told Emma.

Ralph has been the other person that I’ve heard quite a bit from today too. This morning he was rolling Polo mints down the rails on the stairs at school for Graham Baxter to catch at the bottom. One rolled off and hit me so I glared at Graham. He held his hands up and said, “Ahh, Ralph, you hit your friend”. Ralph actually went quiet and Polos stopped shooting down the stairs. He must have got all embarrassed!

November 1997 - Polos

Oh no! I’ve been really daft. I went really stupid this afternoon and I went round telling everybody I loved Ralph. I forgot Emma’s got a lesson with him tomorrow. I bet [Or hope?] she tells him!

We’ve got to get rid of the internet coz the phone bill’s so high. I’m not that bothered except I’ve got this one mate, Adam (ARC33), who I’ve phoned a couple of times. I s’pose I’ve still got his phone number. I want to give him mine but I don’t think I’ll risk it.

BYE! x

I nearly called him a liar – 21st October 1997

Tuesday 21st Dougie’s started talking a bit more notice of me and my mates and so have his mates since Saturday. [Since I decided I’d gone off him a bit. TYPICAL!] They probably won’t from now on, now I’ve said that!

Outside English, at last break, Dougie walked past and when he was quite a way off he turned round and smiled at me. I had to have a reason to be looking at him so he wouldn’t think I was looking for no reasons coz he was so far off, so I grabbed Hayley and said to her, “Look, there’s Dougie”. That made him grin and turn away.

The after school I was walking down the school drive and I saw Hayley going into a block. I said to Olivia and Poppy, “I bet she’s looking for Dougie”. I didn’t see him catching up with us and I thought he might have heard so I turned round and said, “Hayley’s looking for you”. Then he asked me why, which I was hoping he wouldn’t do and I ended up saying, “I dunno” which means he’ll probably go and ask her tomorrow and it’ll all get traced back to me.

After I said that, he started walking with us and out of the school gates. He usually gets the bus so I thought he must have a piano lesson. I knew he had them last year coz Poppy said they have the same teacher but I hadn’t noticed him going the way recently [If anyone was going to notice him going a piano lesson, it was me.] so I thought I’d try and make him admit it. I asked him where he was going and he just said, “The village”. He didn’t say why so I asked him. He just said, “My mum’s picking me up”. It was like he didn’t want to tell us and I nearly called him a liar but I thought that was tight and I would wait to see where he was going. [Poor lad.]

I was right! [Stalker-sense affirmed!] We got to a road and he stopped to tie his lace and we just carried on. I turned round and so did he and he smiled at me again as he went up the road. I don’t know why he didn’t just tell us, I bet he thought we’d take the piss or something but then Poppy and Olivia both play the piano. Oh, I don’t know!

I went on the internet this evening. I sent Adam my photo. Just after I sent it, the whole computer went weird so we turned it off and switched it back on again.

I’m being assessed in basketball tomorrow on the skills we’ve done and the game and then Mr B is gonna ask us questions about it. They mark is out of 25 and he says we should get 15 or over, I think. I’ve got no chance!

Anyway, today I got this but then so did quite a few P.E. students:-

October 1997 - PE letter


Charlie Wilson has got a girlfriend – 30th September 1997

Tuesday 30th Alright? It’s been a horrid day today weather-wise. It’s been chucking it down all day.

Charlie Wilson has got a girlfriend. [I’ll have been secretly heartbroken.] Not in our school which is why he doesn’t have guitar lessons anymore so he can see her, poor girl. But then Mr P told us this so it might not be true.

Anyway, Charlie’s set up a fan club and I’m his manager! Emma is the first (and only) member. Charlie doesn’t know about this yet but I have suggested it to him before.

Freda, Olivia and Lindsey Bullman (she’s a complete bitch and looks like a horse) have upset Cat over something about an English mark and they made her cry. I thought she was being a bit soft but then I wasn’t there when this all happened because Lizzie and I went out at lunch.

September 1997 - Kirsty

[Lindsey Bullman at her finest.]

I was talking to that Paul (PLD14) on the internet again, you know, the one from our school. He reckons he’s 17 now and in 2nd Year of college. It’s getting really confusing!

Dad’s gone to another Bolton match tonight. I’m not sure who they’re playing though.


I’m just amazed she can breathe – 23rd September 1997

Tuesday 23rd There was a mouse in our Science lab this morning. It was a wild one just running round the floor during a Physics test. I think someone put it out at break though.

Mr B (P.E. teacher) is really pissing me off. He keeps asking me questions and calling me Teresa. [A common mistake that I was probably too shy to correct. After correcting another teacher once, she said, “Well, Teresa must be the name on your birth certificate”. Er… nope.] He usually uses Jez or Daisy as examples too.

Mr P was on telly last night on ‘Here + Now’ about his brass band that’s turned acid. He didn’t actually say anything though.

Every lad in the school is in love with Lucy’s German girl. I’m just amazed she can breathe with all the make-up she wears! [Coming over here for A WEEK! Wearing MAKE-UP! Making ALL THE BOYS fall in LOVE with them! To that, mega-jealous teen me said NEIN DANKE!]

Bolton have beaten Spurs 1-0. Nice one, Bolton! How humiliated Adam’ll be!

I was talking to someone from our school on the internet tonight. I’m not sure who he is but he says he’s called Paul, he’s got a girlfriend called Caroline, he’s 15 (Year 11) and lives near Warrington. We won’t tell him who we are but we said we know someone who fancies Charlie Wilson. That was probably stupid coz if he asks Charlie who fancies him, he’s bound to say Emma and Emma knows I’ve got the internet. Our screen name gives it away a bit too.


P.S. Spurs scored.

On the internet for half an hour – 1st September 1997

Monday 1st [I’d started a new notebook that was covered in leopard print fur.] Hi! I love this diary. It’s so cool! It’s awful but good. You know what I mean?!

General - Diary cover

I’ve had a pretty boring day today so far. I didn’t wake up ‘til late and I went to Emma’s house this afternoon. We didn’t do much. We went to the garage [petrol station] to get some sweets and stuff then went back to her house and sat in the field with her horses. I used to be a bit nervous of them but I’m not so bad now.

Mum picked me up at about 4:10pm and we went straight to the doctors. I went coz of my skin. I have mild acne and the stuff I used to put on my skin wasn’t really helping very much so we went back to see what else I could use.

He’s a new doctor that none of our family has been to see before. The last one retired but we didn’t really like him much so no-one’s too bothered! The new doctor is Irish and he seems to be alright so far! We went to talk to him and he put me back on these tablets called Minocyn (or something). I’ve used them before and they seemed to work. They are a bit annoying though because you have to take them 12 hours apart.

This evening I had to scan a load of art for my Art homework and then I went on the chat-lines on the internet for half an hour. [God. Half an hour on the internet a day. I lived that.]

I’ve been talking to one particular boy called Adam who’s 14 and lives in Stoke. I phoned him on Saturday night which means we’ve been talking even more. I’m probably going to phone him again on Wednesday evening coz he goes back to school tomorrow and he’s playing football in the evening. He sounded quite nice last time.

I’ve also been watching the football on Sky since 8:00pm. It was Bolton v Everton at Bolton’s new Reebok Stadium. I don’t normally watch Bolton play coz I’m a big Manchester United fan but Dad supports them and their 1st game in their new stadium so I thought I’d cheer them on. Plus I hate Everton. It was 0-0 but it was confirmed that Bolton did actually score but it only just crossed the line and neither the ref nor the linesmen (sorry, assistant referees) saw it!

Anyway, even if it wasn’t a winning match, we know the home team scored the first goal in their new grounds.


I’m scared of getting pervy letters – 12th July 1997

Saturday 12th Talked to more people on The Internet [It had earned itself capital letters because that’s where I lived now.]

One was called Luke and was 13, screen name Montague.
One was Tom (BMX something).
One was Jamie who I talked to for a while, screen name Jam1011 which is his birthday numbers.

I’m not too trusting with Jamie after he asked for my home address. [SO SENSIBLE! Well done, me.]

Inpaler came on again but he’s changed his name to BarmyBazza now. [I’m not sure which name I hate more.] It was embarrassing with him coz he kept writing “hi lover” and stuff when my mum was on.

I didn’t talk to Pete again and I’m not sure I want to talk to the rest. BMX was boring, I didn’t really trust Jamie and Barry’s just getting embarrassing. Oh yeah, there was another one called Chris B but I didn’t talk to him for long. They’re all lads too. No girls our age really want to talk to us.

I’m not sure about the internet now. I mean, it’s good but I’m scared of getting pervy letters or letting people know too much about myself. They could all be genuine and perfectly harmless but I’m not taking any risks. [I know Mum and Dad will have worried about us talking to boys on the internet but not as much as I worried about it. I was going to be fine.]

It was the village gala today. Emma came too. It wasn’t very good really. A few floats and that was about it.

Mum, Abby and I also went into town to get a pair of shorts each. I got some Umbro ones and a football coz we don’t know what happened to the last one.


Letter from my cousin, Rhian, in Caithness! →

July 1997 - Auntie S

July 1997 - Fi's letter end