A confession from 2015 (through the medium of poetry)

It’s time to confess,
My name isn’t Mollie,
It’s actually Tess.

(Bad poetry wasn’t the plan. It just happened to rhyme. Soz.)

Hello! I’m Tess. I’m exactly the same as Mollie but minus a little lie. I never expected my blog and reality to collide but it happened and I felt bad that the first thing I said to new people was made up.

I almost used my real name for If Destroyed Still True but decided on a fake one because I was worried that work-related people might Google me and find themselves reading about my first encounter with a sanitary towel. I’ve since become pretty desensitised to cringeworthyness and told most people I know once they plied me with wine.

I chose the name Mollie because it belongs to the dog and I like it. Tess is also a good name for a dog. Lots of people tell me, “Oo! I had a dog called Tess!” and I’m ok with that because dogs are excellent and I assume people wouldn’t give their dog a name they didn’t like. I’ve grown to like it too after years of hating it, mainly because it caused many a LOL at school when I looked up as someone shouted “TESticles”.

Anyway, I’m going to begin the process of changing any Mollie on IDST to Tess but there are now well over 200 posts so it might take a while. That can be my punishment for theft and dishonesty.

Sorry for any confusion during the changeover. And for not using my real name until now. And for my poetry. Please will you forgive me (especially for the poem)?


Tess x

5 thoughts on “A confession from 2015 (through the medium of poetry)

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