He fancied me! – 4th June 1997

Wednesday 4th Emma rushed into History and sat next to me and said, “I’ve just found something out!” She seemed really excited so I was very curious and I was pleading with her to tell me. Lizzie was listening so I got the hint when Emma said to wait til Lizzie was talking to Olivia.

Lizzie lost interest eventually and did talk to Olivia so I said to Emma, “Well, who’s it about then?” She told me it was about me which made me want to know even more. [I’ve not turned the page yet. The suspense would be killing me if I didn’t know how rubbish the ending of my teenage stories usually are.]

She told me that Aaron Priestley was talking to her outside their form and they got onto the subject of Neil Kennedy and who he fancies. Aaron said that Neil had told him that he fancied me! [Oh, ok. A boy liking me is an unusual turn of events. Maybe I didn’t totally ming to high heaven after all.]

I couldn’t stop smiling! I told Emma that I was just embarrassed but I’m chuffed really. I think I believe her coz she probably would have told me this evening if she was lying when I was with her on her horse. I stuck to my bike.

Some of the 4th Years went on a field trip today including Danny (and Charlie). I saw Danny after school and he was as fit as ever. He was wearing a tightish black T-shirt with 2 orange stripes down the sleeve (like an Adidas copy only 2 stripes), baggy darkish blue jeans, white trainers and his Nike bag on both shoulders. He is absolutely gorgeous! […Despite wearing his bag on two shoulders which was so uncool round our way in the 90s.]

BYE! ♥

P.S. It was the ‘Stages of Life’ thing that we did in Drama today.

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