She found us and thumped us – 2nd July 1997

Wednesday 2nd Today was more or less the same as yesterday. Boring basically! The breaks and lunch were good though. [Same as school then.] Emma and I have made a friend. John. The only lad and the only one I got on with! Emma sort of did but they chased each other around with pens trying to draw on each other.

It really started when Emma was playing on his Tamagotchi cyber pet, George. [Oh wow. I’d forgotten about that must-have piece of digital technology. They were shit.] I was writing MUFC rule all other the white board and he came over and wrote LFC (Urgh!!!) all over it! We just got talking and he told me his dog was called Tess [See?! I reckon 80% of the dog owning population have had one called Tess at some point.] and he lives in St Helens and his dad’s called John too and he’s got a little brother. [This looks like the assemblage of a new set of stalker notes…]

He was quite nice to me but we both sort of took the piss out of Emma! It’s a bit like Emma and Dougie really. He doesn’t mind me (I don’t think) but Emma’s just there to bug! [That’s probably a sign that they actually quite fancied Emma and I was friend-zoned.]

When everybody went home, Miss T dropped me and Emma off outside McDonald’s in Wigan for tea coz we were staying there until the concert. We got lost and went and got me a CD, Bitter Sweet Symphony. [Is that song that old?!]

We went back to the Pier and there were three lads hanging round. One of them kept following Emma and asking her to go with him. It was pretty scary actually. I think if a lad from our school had turned up I could have hugged them! We went inside and they went.

The concert was ok but it was better after. We went in the exhibition room where our instruments were and talked to John. Emma kept going up in the lift and me, John and this other lad (Michael, I think) ran off and left her. She found us and thumped us.

I like John. Not fancy him. He’s just sort of nice. If he was my age he could be a possibility but he’s not. I want his phone number but there are so many people called J. Harris in St Helens. [I’d clearly checked.] I’ll probably never see him again now.


P.S. Leaflet from concert.

July 1997 - Wigan concert leaflet

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