He was so close I’d have gone cross-eyed! – 5th June 1997

Thursday 5th I got to school this morning and after most of my friends arrived so did Danny. Emma saw him and watched him to see if he was looking. She nudged me and I looked over and I think he was!

We had our form room for P.S.E. [Personal and Social Education] because of the exams or something and Danny was in the computer room opposite but I don’t think he saw me.

We had our assembly with these religious people. I wasn’t really interested coz Dougie was a few people away from me on my row so most of my attention was drawn to him.

In German, Aaron Priestley was sat behind Emma and I was sat in front of her so I was asking him stuff about Neil Kennedy. Aaron said that Neil had really said he fancied me and that he’d get him to write down everything he’s said about me like I was drop dead gorgeous. [LOL] Somehow I didn’t believe that part.

It got to lunch time and I went out of school pretty quickly because I’d spotted Jade Hancock and Aaron coming over (they both work in the library with Neil). I grabbed Emma and Lizzie and went.

I came back and Aaron rushed over followed by Neil and asked me if I’d go out with Neil. He came up and grabbed Aaron round the throat, told me he was lying and then pushed him back in the library. Aaron kept going on about Neil being my knight and me being his princess! Urgh, gross! Ha ha Aaron, very funny! NOT!

At last break, Olivia went and asked Neil what was going on and she said he said they were just winding me up.

Emma reckons he does fancy me and that he told Aaron, trusting him to keep his mouth shut. Now Aaron’s told everyone, Emma thinks that Neil is now saying he was winding them all (and me) up. Why else would he have nearly killed Aaron at lunch and what would be the point of going to all that bother just to wind me up?

After school, I didn’t have a flute lesson but I stayed anyway. Only Abby was there so I stayed with her. To start with, I avoided Dougie and Pallav but eventually we just went in the room and talked to Laura White. I was stood in a doorway and the other two were in the room.

The 2 lads came over and started nattering on about Gemma Crowther dumping Ed. Dougie was stood so close to me! His shoulder was sort of touching mine! I couldn’t look at him when I talked to him coz he was so close I’d have gone cross-eyed! He does that quite a bit to me now, I s’pose.

They went to their lesson and came out and went home. There were 3 of us messing about and Charlie Wilson asked me to help him shift the kit into a practice room. I refused [Nice.] so he got someone else. They tried to open the door but it was locked! Laura and I had shut the door and it had locked with half the kit and Charlie’s coat and bag inside! Eventually he went to get the caretaker and he got it open.


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