The penis measuring chart in the kitchen – 18th January 2002 (continued…)

Friday 18th  This evening I had a shopping trip to Sainsbury’s so I could feed Cat when she arrived. She’s my mate from home who’s on a gap year and is bored so decided to come and visit me. Cat arrived at about 6:30pm, brought by her parents. They decided they wanted to come in and see what it’s like here so I desperately tried to conceal my posters of my ex-P.E. teacher, Mr P-K, and the penis measuring chart in the kitchen, but failed.

Once Cat was settled in, we went up to the Arbar cos there was a belated New Year’s Eve party on. It was really busy and quite good cos some of my flatmates (Layla and Violet) came too with their mates. Cat managed to fall flat on her face in front of loads of people when exiting the toilets but other than that, we had fun.

However, when we got back to my room and tried to sleep we were faced with 2 things preventing this:

  1. We were both sleepy but our brains were racing due to drinking nothing but VK all night and therefore filling out bodies with caffeine.
  2. Layla (in the room next to me) was also very pissed and was having very loud sex with her boyfriend on the other side of the wall.

I talked to Violet tonight which I haven’t done for a while. Either she hasn’t been here or I haven’t so I haven’t seen her as much as I used to. She said I’ve missed loads, such as Layla now going out with Baz (the one she was having loud sex with) as well as Col (boyfriend of 2 years who I thought Baz was earlier) cos she doesn’t know how to dump Col. Baz apparently thinks she had done though.

Vi also said Marc (lad in my flat who told me he fancied me) thinks I don’t like him. I’ve no idea why he thinks that. I’ve not seen him for a while either but that’s no reason, I’m sure. Oh well, I suppose I’d better speak to him more or something.


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