She had spew hanging from her hair – 19th January 2002

Saturday 19th  It was Jonas’s “party” tonight. Oh what fun it was. NOT!! So much for a party. There were 4 of us there – me, Jonas, Russell and Cat. It wasn’t Jonas’s fault though. I was witness to him inviting people and them replying saying they’d come but nobody did.

Due to Jonas expecting rather more than 4 people, he made a rather large magic chocolate cake with rather a lot of magic illegal substance in it. We all ate some and got stoned but Cat wolfed down more than the rest of us and it had rather a negative effect on here.

She was fine to begin with and she and I were just giggling about a song (Robbie Williams Me and My Shadow when it sounded like he says “Happy New Year, ming…”) and a card I bought with the caption “Harry failed to become a Beanie Baby” over a photo of a rather unattractive animal of some sort.

Then Cat started throwing up really badly and said her heart was racing and she was scared. She kept asking me to do something but I didn’t know how to help. Jonas ended up phoning an ambulance on Cat’s request (I think it was a slight over-reaction to be honest) and they turned up outside the house. The paramedics were very sharp with Cat but I don’t blame them really cos if Cat had just have laid down and slept it off, I’m sure she wouldn’t been fine. I got to go with Cat but felt incredibly guilty cos I’m sure there were proper emergencies which needed an ambulance much more that Cat did.

When we got to the hospital, we were sat about for ages. I got the impression Cat was feeling a bit better but didn’t want to admit it cos she felt stupid for wasting people’s time. She kept gagging and stuff but wasn’t actually chucking much up. She tended to do it more when nurses and people were there too.

There was one doctor that was really nice (probably cos she couldn’t complain!) and Cat was put on a heart monitor thing. I also felt a bit funny (like my heart was going way too fast) but I didn’t say anything cos I thought it’d just go away. It did eventually.

We got a taxi back to Jonas’s afterwards (after trying to convince the driver Cat wouldn’t be sick, even though she had spew hanging from her hair). Jonas kept apologising and said he didn’t think we’d come back.

While Jonas was trying to sleep, I started freaking him out by whispering “Oi!” a lot. I also found out that he’d put loads of stuff in the cake cos he was expecting lots of people to eat a bit of cake each, not a few people to eat loads!


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