He reckons I’ve got the “magic touch” – 17th & 18th January 2002

Thursday 17th to Friday 18th  Hello! 🙂 Just to update, I am now at Huddersfield University and sat writing this in my room at Storthes Hall Student Village thing. I’ve just finished my first lot of exams here and my lectures don’t start again until 4th February so I’ve got a nice bit of time off now with no work or anything to do. Yey!

So, seeing as I’m FREEEEEE I went out with some of my mates into Huddersfield. We started off at the Arbar at Storthes then got the bus into town and went to Milton Hall (Student Union bar) and the Rock Café. I was with my coursemate Jen but then met up with my lovely boyfriend Jonas when we got off the bus. We ended up pretty pissed and spending the rest of the night in Bar Non where there were a few other people off my course (Ben, Rick and Sally) so that gave us more people to talk to.

I think Jonas was pretty drunk to cos he kept tickling me and kissing my neck when I was trying to speak to people. I didn’t mind much but I think it made my mates feel a bit gooseberryfied!

Jonas’s housemate Russell was out too and he was being a bit of a prick. He was obviously pissed/on something and was talking complete crap at me. I could barely hear him over the music but what I did catch him saying was slurred bollocks. I sort of nodded and smiled at him but he suddenly started shouting at me that I made him feel really small or something. Right.

Jonas got texts off his coursemate Sid later saying he wants a “manly chat” without me around at the party Jonas is having on Saturday. I’m assuming I’m not wanted around cos some of the conversation is about me. Jonas kind of said so anyway.

Jonas stayed over at mine after going out and I had another night of being questioned on various stuff about myself and my past. I found out stuff about him though too. He said he regretted having sex for the first time cos it involved a lot of pain and blood, both of which were his. He also said that even though girls have tried everything, none of them could satisfy him completely except….. ahem….. me! 🙂 He reckons I’ve got the “magic touch” and I seem to know what I’m doing.

Once we were up and dressed we got the bus down to uni. We went on the internet to check emails and stuff and then I went on emode.com to do some personality test things. Jonas did the Sex God one and I noticed some of his answers. One said he wants commitment which I thought was good. 🙂

Ooh! Also there was other stuff said while we were in bed cos we didn’t end up sleeping until about 6am. Jonas said “I love you” twice but when I asked him what he’d said he wouldn’t repeat it. He said he’s been thinking he loves me for about a week and a half 🙂 cos he’s never felt like he does about anyone before. He said he loves being with me and asked for a cuddle. He also said he was worried I’d be scared off and my ex (Jake) is sometimes in the back of his mind cos I went out with him for so long. I told him not to worry cos I feel the same, which is true cos I do. 🙂

I love Jonas! Hee hee!!


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