He measures up to “ouch” – 19th November 2001

Monday 19th  I did some exercise this morning but only cos I was in a major panic. I thought I’d left a graph out of a piece of work I had to hand in so I legged it off the bus and sprinted to my room. It wasn’t there so I sprinted back to the bus, only to find it in my bag.

We did the usual Monday night thing (Arbar, Revolution and Camel) again tonight. Some girl in the toilets though me and Jen were graduating and then told us how quickly it went for her when she realised we were only 1st years.

I spoke to Jon and Ben a lot tonight. Ben accused me of ignoring his flatmates for some reason when I hadn’t even seen them.

I had my arse felt and got loads of looks from graduating blokes in suits.

I was a bit evil to Kevin tonight. I really just don’t fancy him though. I feel really mean now and I apologised but he said it didn’t matter. He wanted to stay in my room all night but I said no and that I was tired. He got my ruler and went to the chart in the kitchen and came back saying he measures up to “ouch”. Yeah right!

I fell out with Kevin a bit today actually cos he said I don’t try at stuff like Chemistry. I do try but I still don’t get it. When he says I can have his answers it’s too tempting as well.


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