I found myself thinking about Aled – 18th September 1999

Saturday 18th We did the rest of the recording for the Swing Band CD today. It took ages and was really boring but we finished eventually.

When I got in, Zoe phoned and said to be at her house in 40 mins because we had to get the bus. I had to eat, get changed, sort my bag out etc. all in that time. I made it to Zoe’s but Rani wasn’t there. We had to get to the bus stop within the next ten mins and she should have already  been there at Zoe’s house. Zoe had told her where we were catching the bus so we just went.

The bus came but there was still no sign of Rani. We got on and phoned her house. They said she’d set off and weren’t too pleased to hear we’d gone without her. Then Matt (Zoe’s bro) phoned Rochelle’s mobile and said Rani was there with him now. I had to speak to her because the others wouldn’t and I apologised. I feel awful about it. I mean, she should’ve been there on time but I still feel guilty.

When we got there, we sat about for a bit and the lads did finally arrive followed by Bella. They went off to get alcohol and told us to wait but they were ages so we went to try and find them. We did round the side of the cinema but they didn’t say much to us.

When we went back inside, we decided on ‘Never Been Kissed’ (again!) because the other films were at weird times. These two girls then spotted Rob and they knew him so they came over. The lads ended up sat with them, miles away from us.

After the film they talked to us for a bit and then went to the pub. Zoe didn’t go with Craig at all so she was pissed off. I said I’d be really disappointed if I didn’t get off with one of them but I’m not really because, other than Rob who’s just a knob (ha, that rhymes!), the rest are pretty minging.  I won’t have much to tell people on Monday and everybody’s bound to want to know what happened, that’s the worst part. Hayley’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing she probably had a better night at the 70s thing too. This is tight but… I hope she didn’t!!!

There were Air Cadet type people collecting money at the cinema, one of which was quite nice. He reminded me of Ferny a bit and was holding the door open for people. I think he saw me watching him though!


P.S. I did quite a lot of thinking while the film was on, probably because I was bored having seen it before. I found myself thinking about Aled a lot of the time. This is worrying me. I think I am actually beginning to fancy him but I don’t really want to because if I ever let it slip, everybody’d well take the piss. They were bad enough after Freda’s party thing.

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