We started slagging people off – 17th September 1999

Friday 17th Not much has happened today really of any interest to most of you nosey enough to read this. [That message to you nosey lot was intended to be from beyond the grave. I did not in a million years want anyone to read this until I was long dead.] It was mainly just the odd thing that people said which kept me interested.

For example, we were recording for a 2nd Swing Band CD after school in the Drama Studio and Emma and I were getting bored so we started slagging people off. Emma pointed out that she didn’t seem to like all that many people, most got on her nerves. I was on the ‘like’ list but I suppose she had to say that to me really!

I found out though that Rachael Hollins is really annoying her and she doesn’t like Lindsey Bullshit, sorry, Bullman’s new boyish haircut. I found this quite interesting because those 2 girls were part of the group who Emma dumped me for a while back (see previous diaries for details).

For the rest of the day I had lessons except last period. My Biology group’s been split up now. My timetable’s stayed the same though. Out of my mates only Hayley and Lucy Jacobs have moved. Ewan’s still in my group. I found out he’s probably going to town with Emma and co tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night I should be at the cinema but I’m doubting even more that it’ll all go to plan. There’s 5 of us going now we think. Zoe and I didn’t particularly want to go on our own because we thought the lads would lose interest so we invited Bella Jameson. She should make it but might have to work late. Then Rani invited herself and then somehow Rochelle Jenkins got herself coming too. I think the lads may still lose interest with us lot! I’m going to be really disappointed if I don’t get a snog off one of them! I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m not even sure we’ll even manage to get there.

I had a free period last lesson so I stayed with the usual crowd of Lizzie, Sarah, Rani and Aled. Aled spent most of the time taking the piss out of Sarah. Lizzie and I hinted a lot to Aled that Sarah liked him. Sarah wasn’t pleased because she hasn’t actually said she does, she does give off that impression though.

Lizzie and I went to the garage over the road from school to get food and Aled decided to come with us. He was saying how his parents are going away one weekend but he’s not having a party after seeing the state Freda’s house was left in but he is having a sleepover. He told us all his mates (e.g. Oscar, Dev W, Zack Morris, sorry, Bain etc.) are going and he said Lizzie and I could go and maybe Sarah so we could try and set her up with Sean Fields for a laugh. That’s snidey!


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