I had various offers of a snog – 11th & 12th September 1999

Saturday 11th I went to the cinema tonight with Karen, Hayley, Cat, Freda and Zoe to see ‘Never Been Kissed’. The film was alright but after the film was even better. We were all just heading out of the cinema towards McDonald’s when I looked over at a table and saw this really fit lad craning his neck to look at us and I lip read, “They’re fucking fine!” or something to his mates. These lads ended up following us outside and asked us if we wanted to go into a film with them. We told them we were going to McD’s and they were going to come with us but changed their minds and started chatting up someone else instead.

Then Zoe, Hayley and I decided we wanted to hang round the cinema instead but the other 3 went off to McD’s anyway. The lads came over to us again and started talking to us. They are from Rainhill and are all nice looking. We found out they’re called:

  • Rob – the one who said we were fine
  • Ste – who looked like a chubbier version of Ollie Bramwell
  • Craig – who looked like a short, hunched over Charlie Wilson
  • Matthew and another one that I can’t remember the name of.

They said they were 16 I think. I had various offers of a snog. One was from Matthew then Craig told me he fancied me and asked me if I’d get off with him (but he ended up getting off with Zoe) then Ste. Ste and Matthew didn’t actually ask, someone else did it for them.

I was considering it but didn’t in the end, partly because I was all shy because I wasn’t drinking (I think they had been) and partly because I had a phone call right in the middle of them asking me. It was a message from Rhian saying something about Duncan and his mobile. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying and all the times she could’ve mentioned Duncan it was right in the middle of my considering going with [snogging] some other lad!

I actually regret not doing it now because I’ve got nothing to talk about and they were quite fit. Zoe’s got Craig’s number and says she’ll arrange to meet him again but I doubt it’ll happen really.


Sunday 12th I went to the Trafford Centre this morning with the rest of my family in search of a pair of black trousers. I got some eventually. It was really busy because it’s the Trafford Centre’s first birthday or something so there were loads of things going on. I didn’t see anything much though except clown things on stilts which just gave me the creeps!

Rhian phoned this evening. I asked her about the message mentioning Duncan last night and she told me she was just asking if she should give him my mobile number. She said she asked him if he wanted it anyway but he said no. Oh well.

Loads of songs remind me of that holiday in Scotland, such as:

  • Better Off Alone by Alice DJ = Duncan
  • Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias = Rhian (I found out that bailamos means ‘we dance’ or something. Or so Karen says.) because she constantly played it.
  • Synth and Strings by Yomanda = Abby and Rhian because they kept making the high-pitched woofing sound in the background while it was playing.
  • La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin = Minne and Amelia because they danced to it at the talent show we did.
  • If Ya Getting Down by Five = Minnie because she kept singing and dancing to it.
  • Back Here by BB Mak = Duncan. I’m not really sure why but I was singing it all holiday and some of the words could be from his point of view.
  • Everybody but Backstreet Boys = Rhian, Abby and I dancing to it.

There are others but I can’t think right now what they are.

I’ve just been watching that ‘Sex, Chips + Rock n Roll’ on TV. That Joe McFadden’s pretty gorgeous!


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