I just think I’m too good for everyone – 20th September 1999

Monday 20th Once again, Hayley’s back to being her bitchy old self! I’m not sure, as usual, what I’ve done but I have my suspicions that the background reason is Saturday but the reason she’s using is that on Friday I was messing about with a Magic 8-Ball keyring. We were asking it stupid questions about lads and stuff so when Hayley came over, I asked it if she’d get a boyfriend. I was only joking because her family are winding her up about getting one and she’s joked about it herself.

We were asking equally insulting questions – as jokes – about other people but because of the foul mood Hayley’s been in recently, she went all moody and started saying about how sometimes you can just take things too far. I didn’t realise it was such a touchy subject. Actually, it probably isn’t. It’s probably just another excuse to have a go at me.

I don’t even know if it was that which started it off because when she commented (nastily) about Aled seeming to be my ‘new best mate’ today. I asked her what I’ve done this time and she said summit like, “I can’t believe you don’t know.” I’ve also been told by Lizzie and Oscar that, on separate occasions, she said that I just think I’m too good for everyone.

Bollocks! What is her problem? I have reasons to believe it could be a slight touch of jealousy because I’ve been getting on with Aled quite well. She may have taken it the wrong way and be thinking that something may develop. I suspect this because of the comment she made about ‘best mates’ and also because, after school at this Young Enterprise meeting, Oscar asked me if I liked Aled. I asked Oscar what he meant by ‘liked’. He meant do I fancy him? I said I didn’t and asked what made him say that. He told me that Hayley had told him that it was obvious I fancied him or something. Is this her subtle approach of scaring him off me by getting a message across though his mates? I wonder!

Quite a few people (e.g. Zoe, Lizzie, Bridget, Aled, Oscar and a few others) have said she is being pathetic and Aled and his mates are even beginning to put bets on when she’ll speak and not speak to me! If they get it right they could make quite a lot!

I was volunteered by someone to go with a group of people from our year to answer some questions for some woman about getting our exam scripts back but when we finished and I went back to Geography, there was no-one there. I went in the college and Aled welcomed me with an, “Ah good, someone to talk to!” and told me Mrs C wasn’t in so we had no lesson.

I saw Trotter a few times today. He still keeps looking at me. Once was in the canteen when we were in the sandwich queue and the other was when a group of College 2s were stood about upstairs. He kept doing it then too. I think he’s alright looking but Abby insists he’s really nasty personality-wise. He has got slightly evil eyes too!


2 thoughts on “I just think I’m too good for everyone – 20th September 1999

  1. What’s more cringe-worthy to read now? The romantic relationships or the drama between friends? And in hindsight does it seem any different? Or do you still get bothered by it?


  2. The boy stuff is waaaaaay more cringe-worthy! Some of the friendship drama makes me squirm but this stuff with Hayley and her daily episodes of cowbaggery just annoys me all over again. It was like treading on eggshells around her and, now, I think teen me should’ve just told her to bugger off. It wasn’t that easy at the time though… one false move and I could’ve ended up with no friends which was one of my biggest school fears.

    Looking back it all seems so minor in comparison to what others went through as teens and things that have happened since then… although my brain’s still partial to fretting about the little things now and again!

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