Ralph told her that he’d lost his virginity – 23rd February 1999

Tuesday 23rd It’s not been quite as bad as I expected so far. I’ve done summit though which normally wouldn’t matter but in the situation I’m in has the potential to be a good excuse for people to fall out with me properly.

You see, this morning Emma told me that Ralph told her that he’d lost his virginity over the hols to Colette, one of his older sister’s mates. We were just generally taking the piss and decided that it was too unbelievable. Emma said she couldn’t wait to see him today just so she could give him a knowing smile or summit and she never mentioned not telling him that I know.

So, I saw him after school and walked to the bus stop with him (Hayley came too). I asked him if the rumours were true and he knew what I was talking about. He asked me if Emma had told me and I said yes and he asked me if we were still friends (I dunno if she’s said summit to him or what) coz he didn’t think we were coz she was always in town and stuff.

I updated him on the face that she doesn’t go much anymore and she goes out with Davis Nolan and his Warrington mates. He didn’t sound impressed at the Davis part and asked why she didn’t go to town anymore. I told him that she wasn’t allowed coz her parents don’t trust Suzanna and think they both do drugs and stuff since they found a box of matches in Emma’s pocket.

I only thought afterwards that there are quite a few things which could sound bad. Ralph has also been making things up about Emma and Freddie Bevan apparently as well. I’m worried that he’ll either tell Emma or spread exaggerated stuff about her. There’s a few points like the Davis bit, the drugs bit and the fact I might have dropped her in it.

I didn’t do it intentionally but would she believe me? Even if she did, would she be able to resist the chance of actually having a reason to fall out with me to relieve any guilt she has?


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