I’m single out of choice – 20th July 1998

Monday 20th Guess what. Yet again I’m bored. It must have summit to do with the fact that it’s raining and I have no homework.

I’ve had quite an easy day actually. I’ve been to 2 primary schools to give the Swing Band a practice before we go to Paris. This morning we went to Newlane and I had Hayley’s nieces waving and smiling at me all the way through and there was her nephew too on the front row.

In the afternoon we played at Mum’s school. This time half the school was waving at me and my mum pointed me out to her class. She also happened to be equipt with a camera.

Then Mr P made us stand up if we went there. It was good overall, even though we made a few kids cry coz we were too loud. There were loads sat there with their hands over their ears too. I thought we sounded really good actually.

I saw Ferny for the 1st time in about 2 weeks. He’s had his hair cut but is still looking as gorgeous as ever. He caught me staring at him too outside form room so I had to quickly divert my gaze to Ralph in hope that he didn’t notice.

Charlie Wilson is worrying me. He keeps smiling at me and talking to me. He’s never really bothered before.

Emma’s gone over to the pub across the road from my house this evening so she said she’d phone me later so we can sort out cinema arrangements. We’re meant to be seeing Godzilla at 6:00pm on Thursday so we need to tell people that and maybe ask a few more if they wanna come. It’s very unlikely that it’ll all go to plan, it never does.

So far there’s me, Rach, Emma, Ralph, Freddie and Graham going. I also want someone to ask Ferny. We also might get Dougie, Lena, Olivia, Lindsey, Ed and Davis to come and possible Jade and Hayley. We already know Georgia can’t come and Rach and I aren’t sure whether we want Hayley to come or not. It’s just if everyone else comes, we can’t not invite her.  Rach is just worried she’ll flirt with Graham and I’m worried she’ll get Ferny. She always comes up with a seating plan too which doesn’t involve any of the rest of us sitting with who we want to be sat with but we know that if we don’t keep her happy she’ll throw a tantrum, go depressed and will probably cry.

I know she likes Ferny though coz last time we went to the Sports Club she was regretting changing her mind and not going out with him. I reckon she’s gonna ask him out again coz she wants a boyfriend.

If I started getting all depressed like she does about not having a boyfriend I’d just remember that I’m single out of choice coz I had a chance with Ralph and didn’t take it.

Anyway, I might write again later when we’ve phoned people but I don’t reckon Emma’ll ring me. So…


P.S. Mr P’s getting married to some woman that’s been hanging round all day. He told a few people and now most people know. Yuk!

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