She gained the name Psycho Bitch – 20th February 2000

Sunday 20th P. [Period.]

I woke up feeling fine but then I suddenly went really hot and dizzy with really bad period pains and I was sick. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to ski but I had some paracetamol and O was okay again.

I skied before lessons at 9:00am with the teachers and some lads. The teachers said Cat and I were good. Some of it was really good but some was bleeding scary cos of the ice on the slopes. When I fell over Fit Alex helped me up and checked I was ok. Mmm! Sorry Jake!


My ski boots were a bit tight so I went to change them with Cat and Mr L. This meant we missed most of our ski lesson so we went with the teachers again. It was very scary but good!

We were put in the advanced group for our lessons in the afternoon. Our teacher, Nadege, took us over pure ice, didn’t wait if someone fell and yelled at us so she gained the name Psycho Bitch!

The bottom slope was terrible. There was no snow whatsoever, Cat, Robbie Taylor and I got pissed off so we either walked or slid down. Psycho Bitch then told Cat and Robbie to move down a group but gave me the option of staying in hers. I went.

I was getting on quite well with Robbie but he reminds me a lot of Jake which made me miss him even more. I phoned him in the evening and got through. He’d just arrived in Paris with the Art trip and told me he was sharing a room with Aled Brownlee, Danny Barnes and Ian Robertson. That’s not good! I don’t trust Aled!

I saw Robbie phone home. I think his number’s 01925 ****** but I’m not sure.

Katie fell down a cliff today but she was okay. Mr L and Ivor Ward (who’s quite nice looking with a tan, no glasses and his snowboarding gear!) helped her out.


She couldn’t believe it about me and Ollie – 23rd May 1999

Sunday 23rd Our GCSE exams start properly tomorrow with English Literature. I’m really calm about it actually compared to some people, like Hayley who’s shitting herself.

Emma Thornley phoned me up before. I was really surprised coz we used to be best mates but then sort of drifted apart a bit. She was asking about the party really coz she left at about 9:30 so she missed the best bits. She said she couldn’t believe it about me and Ollie. I’m gonna be getting a lot of that tomorrow probably.

My dad’s got himself, me and Abby tickets for the Division 1 Play-Off Final between Bolton and Watford at Wembley next Monday. I can’t believe it! That’s so good. Even though I follow Man Utd, my dad supports Bolton so I can put up with them!


[Only a short one today. I’d typed up another entry but it’s disappeared and I’ve run out of time to re-write it. Sorry. By way of apology, here’s a photo I found of me at about 13, dressed like a spanner and doing some sort of catalogue pose. Who did I think I was?!]


It’s not like he’s even that nice looking – 16th & 17th March 1999

Tuesday 16th Ewan’s asked Holly Lowe out. Bugger! I really want to forget about him. I dunno why I liked him in the 1st place. I think it was summit to do with the fact that not many other lads went to Paris and it sort of went from there. I mean, it’s not like he’s even that nice looking either. Also, since he’s had his hair cut, he’s developed two bald patches on the back of his head! Who else can I like though?

Jade Hancock’s had her belly button pierced. I want mine done but I don’t think I’d be allowed. Even if I was, I probably wouldn’t actually have the guts to go ahead and do it.


Wednesday 17th We got our year photos and individual photos back this morning. The year one’s quite good and most people that I want to remember are on it along with some I’d rather forget. My individual one is hardly the best picture ever taken of me. It’s a bit close up and I’m not actually looking at the camera. I remember looking away coz I thought I saw summit move when it flashed. It’s okay though. [No, it’s not…]

[I’m not sure which is worse, my early teens fringe or these ‘bits’, as we used to call them. And why am I even showing you this horror?!]

Everyone’s been cutting up passport size ones and handing them round to each other. So far, I’ve got Bella’s and Hayley’s and that’s it.

Emma asked everyone in the Music rooms if she could have one if theirs and if they wanted one of her, except me. Ewan and Adrian Ford were mithering Georgia too in Geography coz they wanted one of her. I don’t think she wants to give them some coz hers isn’t very good. Ewan never asked for one of mine although I can’t say I’m all that surprised.

Man Utd have just drawn 1-1 with Inter Milan (aggrigate 2-0) so they’ve qualified for the UEFA Champions League Cup semi-finals. YEAH!!! It’d be so cool if they got the triple.


“In fact, you’re a babe” – 15th October 1998

Thursday 15th There’s not really much interesting to write but I will anyway.

Emma’s got some major problem but she won’t tell me what it is. She accidentally let slip that she was worrying about summit and when I said she could tell me, she wouldn’t. She normally does, you see, but she said she wasn’t even wavering to tell me when I was going on at her. She said she may tell me when it’s all over with but not now coz I know her too well. I don’t think that there’s just her involved though.

I can’t stand not knowing things. It’s not fair that she’s keeping me hanging like this. She started it by telling me that there was something up, she can’t not finish now. [Serves me right for thinking about phoning her a few days beforehand just to be horrible to her.]

We were talking to James [Dougie] at break while he was doing his prefect duties. He likes Nicola Banks and she likes him but he doesn’t want to go out with her. He says he likes someone else as well as her too. That’s another thing that’s got me guessing. He was telling Emma that she knows her and talks to her sometimes but he wouldn’t give us a name or ever what year she’s in. [I hoped it was me, didn’t I?]

I went in the Music rooms at lunch with Emma and Rach. William [Ferny] was in there on the computer finishing off an apology letter to the theatre company about Macbeth on behalf of his form. He said he didn’t really care whether they come back or not coz they were crap, he just wants to go to Blackpool. Most forms have done a letter or card to apologise for the year’s behaviour. I had to sign one and I wasn’t even in school.

I keep seeing Ewan everywhere. It’s really embarrassing coz I know he thinks I fancy him. I kept going round corners and nearly walking into him. Outside French today he walked up the stairs into my field of vision and he looked at me and I caught his eye so he now thinks I was probably staring at him.

At last break, Lola Fearnley [Ferny’s little sister] kicked William in the balls (she smokes I found out yesterday) and he was having trouble walking so on their way to last lesson all his mates deliberately sped up so he’d have to go through even more pain to try and keep up. I saw him again on the stairs trying to get past a group of Year 7s shouting, “Hurry up I need to sit down!” I then looked into the Spanish room as I went past to Art and saw him rolling around on a chair. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything left of that part of his anatomy considering the amount of injuries he’s had in that region!

On my way home I was walking behind these 2 Year 7 lads. I’ve seen them looking in my direction before but they spoke to me today. One turned round and asked me where I was going and when I said “home” he asked me where I lived. He then turned round a few minutes later and said, “You’re quite nice.” He turned back round to his mate then turned to me again and said, “In fact, you’re a babe.” He sounded pretty serious actually. I just said “Oh, right” and couldn’t stop grinning to myself.

[Now, let us all just take a moment to remind ourselves that i was not, in fact, a babe…]

The other one then turned round and asked me out for his mate (Graham I think he was called) and I told him he was a bit young for me. I ended up walking with them and talking to them about P.E., prefects (theirs are Jade Hancock and Adrian Ford) and my Art work. I’ll try and find out who they are coz they said they also helped Tunde S with his P.E. cricket coursework. They live up Mowley Common somewhere.

Cameron’s taller than me. I’d always thought of him as short but in Art I took my shoes off and he was slightly taller. [That probably meant he qualified as potential boyfriend material.]


P.S. I knew there was summit else. How could I forget? Bella saw Finn again in Warrington and he asked how I was (and he remembered my name!) and he asked where I lived. She told him the wrong village and he said he played cricket there at the Sports Club. I’m going to have to find out when.

I’m single out of choice – 20th July 1998

Monday 20th Guess what. Yet again I’m bored. It must have summit to do with the fact that it’s raining and I have no homework.

I’ve had quite an easy day actually. I’ve been to 2 primary schools to give the Swing Band a practice before we go to Paris. This morning we went to Newlane and I had Hayley’s nieces waving and smiling at me all the way through and there was her nephew too on the front row.

In the afternoon we played at Mum’s school. This time half the school was waving at me and my mum pointed me out to her class. She also happened to be equipt with a camera.

Then Mr P made us stand up if we went there. It was good overall, even though we made a few kids cry coz we were too loud. There were loads sat there with their hands over their ears too. I thought we sounded really good actually.

I saw Ferny for the 1st time in about 2 weeks. He’s had his hair cut but is still looking as gorgeous as ever. He caught me staring at him too outside form room so I had to quickly divert my gaze to Ralph in hope that he didn’t notice.

Charlie Wilson is worrying me. He keeps smiling at me and talking to me. He’s never really bothered before.

Emma’s gone over to the pub across the road from my house this evening so she said she’d phone me later so we can sort out cinema arrangements. We’re meant to be seeing Godzilla at 6:00pm on Thursday so we need to tell people that and maybe ask a few more if they wanna come. It’s very unlikely that it’ll all go to plan, it never does.

So far there’s me, Rach, Emma, Ralph, Freddie and Graham going. I also want someone to ask Ferny. We also might get Dougie, Lena, Olivia, Lindsey, Ed and Davis to come and possible Jade and Hayley. We already know Georgia can’t come and Rach and I aren’t sure whether we want Hayley to come or not. It’s just if everyone else comes, we can’t not invite her.  Rach is just worried she’ll flirt with Graham and I’m worried she’ll get Ferny. She always comes up with a seating plan too which doesn’t involve any of the rest of us sitting with who we want to be sat with but we know that if we don’t keep her happy she’ll throw a tantrum, go depressed and will probably cry.

I know she likes Ferny though coz last time we went to the Sports Club she was regretting changing her mind and not going out with him. I reckon she’s gonna ask him out again coz she wants a boyfriend.

If I started getting all depressed like she does about not having a boyfriend I’d just remember that I’m single out of choice coz I had a chance with Ralph and didn’t take it.

Anyway, I might write again later when we’ve phoned people but I don’t reckon Emma’ll ring me. So…


P.S. Mr P’s getting married to some woman that’s been hanging round all day. He told a few people and now most people know. Yuk!

Freddie gave Emma his last Rolo – 2nd March 1998

Monday 2nd I got these photos off Rachael H today because she didn’t really want them. They’re not very good ones coz she was just finishing off the film. Actually, I’ll stick them on the next page coz there’s more room.

[This is what had to happen in the olden days. We couldn’t just hunt down and gaze at a photo of our beloved(s) on the internet, we had to beg, borrow and steal or finish a camera film then wait for a week to get it developed in Boots. Teenagers have it so easy nowadays!]

Ralph was funny at lunch. He was having an argument with Trevor Hooper who was calling Ralph a ginger tosser and stuff and Ralph reacted by calling him Where’s Wally. Okay, it’s not funny unless you know what Trevor looks like. [He was the spit of Wally.]

Jez has got stitches in his lip and tongue. He was showing me at break. He did it playing ice hockey because he wasn’t wearing a mouth or face guard. He can’t talk properly and sounds really weird.

Freddie gave Emma his last Rolo so that gave me and Rachael an excuse to give him a really bad photo of Emma. I told him it was in exchange for the Rolo.

Every time we go down to see the boys, Jez comes up to the fence. Nosey!

P.T.O. for the photos →




Emma is such a slapper! – 19th February 1998

Thursday 19th

[Last day ski group photo. Guess which face-concealing shape I chose for Ralph…]

It was the disco this evening. Ralph had got hold of this manky black wig and was dancing around wearing it.

Emma is such a slapper! She went with [snogged] Charlie W and Jake Taylor within about 10 minutes if each other.

I kept avoiding Jez coz he kept trying to dance with me. I dunno why I didn’t let him actually. I think it’s coz no-one else was really dancing with anyone. [And I was a wimp when it came to boy stuff.]

I luv Ferny. He is so nice. I got out of the disco before my mates and I was on my bill so he came and talked to me about Ralph getting pissed on one drink and how the DJ had put on the wrong George Michael song. He is obsessed with George Michael songs and the SAS.

Outside, the teachers made us get into groups of 10 and they pushed me into one so they could count us. Then they made us get in pairs to make counting easier [I bet they were pissed.] and Ferny came with me. I was freezing as we were walking and he said he was hot so he gave me his fleece. It smelt really nice. That was so sweet. I can’t decide if he likes me or not.



He looks cute when he laughs – 10th February 1998

Tuesday 10th Quite a few bits of boy stuff has happened today. Only little things though which must have been very ickle coz I can’t remember what I was going to write about.

Erm… my brain’s working hard… hmmm… er… oh yeah, one thing was Nigel Groves in the library today. He’s never really paid me much attention before but twice in one lunch he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, trying to make me jump.

Oh yeah. It’s all flooding back to me now. There was a ski meeting at break (2 more days to go!) and us lot all ended up sitting behind them lot. Freddie kept turning round and looking at us every 5 minutes, he was really annoying.

[Practicing wearing all the ski gear we’d cobbled together from various people.]

Jez was sat separately from them (They’re all horrid to him and think he talks to sheep. I think I might’ve told you that before.) and he kept edging his was towards them. He ended up next to Ralph who must have told him to bog off coz he moved away again.

I was trying hard not to stare at Ferny but it was hard coz I wanted to see how he was reacting to stuff. He looks cute when he laughs coz he’s got really big dimples.

Mrs L said summit about there being snow in Austria at this time of year (Duh!) and not green fields and sheep. When the sheep part was mentioned, most people turned round and looked at Jez. It’s tight but it was funny!

The other funny thing was when Miss P said, “Where’s Freddie Bevan?” He owned up and she said, “I’ve still got your undies.” He looked so embarrassed and me and Emma just burst out laughing. I dunno why Miss P had Freddie’s undies. Ooh, could start some rumours that could!

The gorgeous Mr L’s coming skiing now instead of Mr S who’s on crutches at the moment. Mrs L was nattering on at one point and Mr L was stood behind her, imitating her. She must’ve wondered why people were paying attention!

I saw Dougie on a street corner (Hmmm!) on the way home from school. I was in the car and tried to hide but he saw me so I waved. Mum asked, “Is he one of your friends?” She knows he is sort of, she just wants to find out more.

Hayley said Dougie’s broken up with Anna Collins. I dunno if it’s true or not. I’ll have to find out.


I just read about it on Teletext – 30th November 1997

Sunday 30th

WOOHOO!!! 4-0

I didn’t see the match, I just read about it on Teletext coz it wasn’t on TV but what a great score! [God, Teletext. The best thing about being ill and off school was lying on the sofa playing Bamboozle. It only took about 20 minutes for each question to load.]

Solskjaer scored 2 goals and the other two were own goals. Yes! Even more humiliating for Blackburn Rovers – the LOSERS! That puts us a few points clear at the top of the table along with all the goals we’ve been scoring or that other teams have scored for us!

I went to Manchester this morning with Mum and Abby. I bought a pair of black Puma King pants with my b’day money and Mum got me a Spray Way jacket for skiing. £140!!! I’m glad I didn’t have to buy it!

[Here is the Spray Way jacket still in action a few years later, post-massive fringe.]

Woah, right, there’s this advert I’ve just heard on the radio. It’s the Kilkenny Irish beer one, you know, “Come kiss the Kilkenny tonight”. Anyway, on this one, there’s the bloke and the woman talking and he’s a Virgo and she’s a Scorpio. It’s like me and Ralph. Maybe it means summit!


I was HOLDING DANNY’S HAND! – 3rd November 1997

Monday 3rd I got to Emma’s house on time but nothing went as planned from there. [How can that be?! I’d had bullet points and everything!]

Emma’s dad offered to give us a lift into Altrincham so we waited for him to come back from his jog and he took us into the village to pick up Neil and Zoe. Emma sat in the front and I was sat in the back with the other two. It was awful! One of them had really bad B.O. and I didn’t want to breathe. I thought I was gonna be sick at one point! The only break from it was when Emma’s dad opened the window.

He dropped us off on the main road near the ice rink but it was only about 12:30 pm so we went into the town centre. We wandered round for ages and at one point I turned round to see [fit babe] Danny Barnes behind me. I had to double check and it was him. Neil knows him coz they’re both on the lighting team.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned Danny before [I had. I most definitely had.] but just so you know, he’s in Year 11 and a total babe! I don’t really fancy him but he just looks so sweet. We followed him into Index with his mum and sister and, before I knew it, Neil had asked him if he wanted to come skating and he did. It was a good job too coz none of us really knew our way round.

We went in McDonald’s and got lunch then got to the rink at about 1:10. We waited for a few minutes outside but went in coz we got bored. We paid £4.20 to get in and I saw Georgia in the café. We went in and Neil, Zoe and Danny got their skates but me and Emma waited for Ralph and Freddie. It was pointless getting skates anyway coz after about 5 mins they cleaned the ice so everyone had to come off.

Altrincham Ice Rink

[Altrincham Ice Rink in all it’s photogenic glory. Now closed but forever in our hearts. Via Manchester Flames]

Georgia was there with Rachael Hollins, Rani and Lena so we talked to them for a bit until Ralph and Freddie came and we went to get our skates. Freddie had brought his own coz he skates a lot. I asked Ralph if he could skate and he said no. He asked us and we both said we were alright at it. Freddie was sat there going, “Ask me. Ask me how good I am!” What a show off!

As soon as we got on the ice, Freddie was going backwards. Ralph was crap. He reckoned the barrier was his friend. Hmmm! He did let go and I spent a lot of the time holding him up.

It was really quiet there so there was a lot of room. Freddie was whizzing round but he did help Ralph. Neil wasn’t too good either. Zoe sat out and sulked for no reason and I just felt sorry for Danny. He’s never been before and kept falling over.

I really wanted Georgia and co to go home coz they kept pushing people but they had a lift at the end of the session.

Near to the end, we were all making chains and I was HOLDING DANNY’S HAND! When we got split off, I was with him on my own. I wasn’t sure what to say coz he’s pretty quiet so I skated off to see what Emma was doing. [Oh my God, I was crap at boys!]

I also held hands with Neil and Ralph but only really to hold them up!

After that, everyone except a few of us were trying to get Freddie to fall over and he did. So, I was the only one that didn’t.

Eventually we got our trainers back and went. We couldn’t find Zoe anywhere. Freddie and Ralph came on their bikes so, on the way to McDonald’s [Again?!], Emma rode Ralph’s, Neil rode Freddie’s and Danny ran ahead with them. Ralph went too to get his bike back so I was left with Freddie. He told me not to run off and I got to hear about his slashed wrist from Emma’s nails, his pulled muscle from when he fell over, his sore back and ankles. I thought he’d fall apart there and then!

Danny and Neil got the bus and went but the rest of us made it to McD’s. They went home on their bikes and Emma and I got the bus to Warrington Bus Station then my mum picked us up after I phoned her.

I don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow!