Mmm, baseball caps on lads – 16th-19th July 1998

Thursday 16th P. [Period]

I had quite a good day today. It was more art work with Miss B because Miss C wasn’t in today. There’s a wall display going up at the library to do with the mosaics so we were preparing stuff for that which we can help set up tomorrow. It’s our last day then too.

I went to Emma’s village this evening with Rach and Emma and we spent most of the time in a phone box. We rang Graham and he probably thinks I fancy him coz I was pretending I did to wind Rach up. Then we phoned Ralph twice and I rang Charlie Wilson but he wasn’t in.

Freddie was on the phone to Emma when I got to her house and they’d been talking about Davis Nolan coz he went with [snogged] a (cross-eyed) Year 11 girl, Mandy Ramsgill, and his girlfriend caught them and pulled out a kitchen knife. So, Freddie was saying to me what he’d said to Emma. He told her to say how she’d react to the scenario of Freddie going with me and Emma catching us. He had me worried for a minute!


Saturday 18th Well, work experience is over now and I’ve only got 3 days left of being a Year 10 in school before the summer hols.

I went to the Carnival in the Quad at school today. I was playing in the Swing Band all afternoon so I had to go really. I probably would’ve done anyway though.

There was only really Emma and I there to start with and Ralph who was helping with the food. The mural on B Block was unveiled and we started playing. Mr P was away so we had Mr P-R who is a complete pratt instead. It was really hard playing as we were outside and the music and stands kept blowing about. At one point, our music took off so Emma and I had to sit there and try not to laugh.

We did 3 half hour sessions with half hour intervals so between we went and talked to Ralph. We had our yellow T-shirts on and Hayley (who did come eventually) laughed at us. Ralph had an apron thing on and a baseball cap. Mmm, baseball caps on lads, lovely. He did look nice in it actually.

I went home for tea and then went back at about 7:00pm with Emma and Hayley. Ralph was still there doing the barbeque but he was allowed a break coz he’d been there since 10:00am so he hung round with us. Then the ceilidh dance started. I did a couple. The 1st with Hayley and the 2nd with Ed. Ralph had been with Miss B then Emma. Afterwards, Ralph said, “I haven’t danced with you yet.” I might have done but everyone else was having a break so I didn’t bother.

Emma went home at about 9:00pm coz she had a party to go to. Hayley and I stayed on. I kept looking over at Ralph and he was looking at me and he gave me one of his nice smiles quite a few times. Hayley and I joined in the last couple of dances and I tried to get Ralph’s attention so he’d come too but he wasn’t looking.

Just before he went home, I called him over and asked him if he was in tomorrow and if he wanted to do summit. Then I realised it sounded too much like I was asking (which I was) so I changed it by saying, “coz Emma was asking before.” He said bye and smiled again.

There was a McDonald’s stall there that was selling drinks and on it were the twins from the McD’s near the cinema. I remember coz they are identical and not bad looking. I think one was called Nathan but I can’t remember the other.

The 2 most gorgeous teachers, Mr K and Mr P-K, who Rach and I saw in just towels whilst skiing (we had to go get them from their room coz of trouble with the French students), went to stay overnight at Saskia Bird’s house coz her dad had been talking to them and I think they’d been drinking so they couldn’t drive home. That’s so unfair!


Sunday 19th I didn’t actually go anywhere today. I phoned Emma this evening though and Suzanna the Slapper was there. Emma told me they weren’t going to see Ralph coz Suzanna thinks he’s a minger and he’s grounded according to Freddie coz he didn’t tell anyone where he was yesterday. Emma also said that Ralph’s stepdad made Freddie phone here to check Ralph hadn’t come round and my dad answered saying he had the wrong number.

I’m going now.


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