“How come she wouldn’t go with me?”– 15th & 18th May 1998

Friday 18th P. [Period]

At break there was Emma, Hayley, Graham, Freddie, Jade and I all stood by T Block just talking. I think there’s some sort of psychic link between the lads and us coz 1st of all we were saying how Mr P’s waistcoat must have run in the wash to make his shirt pink. Then Graham said, “Oh my God. We were saying exactly the same thing this morning.” Then, just to make things freakier, we were talking about what colour England shirt we preferred. Hayley said white and I said red. Then Graham goes, “We were talking about that too. Oh… and… er… Ferny said he prefers the red one.”

I had a Ralph-free day today. Well, almost. He’d been on the field trip but I saw him after school. He was really sunburnt and wanted some of my drink. I let him. He was very smiley today actually and he announced that we’re all going to Bolton Water Place next weekend. First I’ve heard. It’s probably just an excuse to see us lot in our cossies. But then again, for us it’ll be a great opportunity to see the lads (and take the piss out of them) in their trunks!

Ooh, Ferny’s six-pack!

Monday 18th Ralph’s been a bit off with me all day really. I started to wonder whether he still liked me and I still am actually.

At lunch, Ralph, Graham and Ferny bombed us with scones from over the hedge, stayed there for a few minutes then went back to school again. Then after lunch (after Hayley had shown everyone a photo of us when we were about 2) he asked me if I was the podgy baby on the photo (cheers Ralph) then said summit about Bolton Water Place on Friday. That’s all he said.

At last break he was with Freddie and they stopped with me and Emma. They were at it as usual and I just went coz I had no idea what I could say to Ralph.

In French, Emma told me what Ralph said to her when I’d gone. He said, “Emma, can I ask you something? It’s not about you or Freddie. It’s about Tess. You know how you said she liked me? Well how come she wouldn’t go with [snog] me?” Emma said something about it being because Ferny outshines him (snidey) and he said, “Well, if she doesn’t like me, I don’t like her.”

He must have been thinking about why I wouldn’t go with him and now he’s got me thinking about why he wanted to go with me. Was it because he really did like me or because he thought I was the only girl he had a chance with?

I’ve also been worrying today that I was going to die coz I bought this Galaxy Velvet egg from the garage and when I bit into it, it tasted really weird so I split it open and there was all this grey furry mold inside it. Yuk!

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