It was pure torture! – 13th May 1998

Wednesday 13th A few groups (the rest are going tomorrow and Friday) were on a Geography field trip today. I was included in one of these groups. It really was a field trip and it was pure torture! It was to Harthill near the Mid Cheshire Ridge and it was all writing on a map what was growing in each field and which way the land was sloping.

We didn’t have to wear our uniform but we were all sweltering, Rach and I nearly got attacked by some horse, there was a driveway full of Great Danes barking at us manically and Miss C was going all weird when she saw piglets and got all excited. Plus everyone else had noticed them about half an hour before!

People kept asking me if I’d been with [snogged] Ralph yesterday lunch. Ed kept asking me and so did Jez. Graham said I was cool for rejecting him!

I phoned Emma this evening. Partly coz she wanted to know what you have to do on the field trip and partly because I wanted to know if I’d missed anything at school today. She said loads had been happening but I didn’t think there was anything special about it.

She told me why Ferny hasn’t been in for the last 2 days. It’s because at cricket he had a cricket ball lobbed at him and it hit him in a rather tender area and he’s been in agony for days. She said they were all on the field at lunch and Ralph, Freddie and Ferny were all messing about with a ball and he got hit in the same place again and he was rolling round on the floor for ages moaning. She said he was joking about it though. At last break, she said someone said summit about me being upset coz there’d be no kids. He told them that everything is still in working order, he thinks. That’s good news anyway!

She told me that Ralph definitely fancies me coz of things that happened in Food Tech. She only gave me one example which was that she had written summit like:-

It was on his folder and the only part he crossed out was the ‘Lucy ♥z’ bit. Then he asked if I liked him and she told him I did but I liked Ferny better and then he said, “Oh well, at least someone likes me.” I feel really snidey again.

Hayley phoned me this evening too to ask about the field trip. She told me that she’s gone off Dougie but she won’t like Ferny again. We’ll see.

Dougie annoys me so much now. He told me I was miserable today. Knob! Oh yeah, Emma reckons he’s being telling people I went with Ralph coz Freddie asked her if anything had happened after school. If I find out it was him I’m going to make sure he doesn’t do it again.

Ha ha ha! (Evil laughter)

P.S. I saw Ralph and Ferny cycle home tonight. Ralph just smiled at me and Ferny (equipt with sunglasses) said, “See yer”. I was so surprised I didn’t reply.

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