Trying to get me to kiss it – 19th May 1998

Tuesday 19th More Ralph stuff today. Emma said she was going to explain to Ralph that I didn’t want to go with him coz it wouldn’t be fair as I still like Ferny but, stupidly, she told Freddie to tell him.

She thinks he just said that I like Ferny better than Ralph coz in their P.S.E. lesson, Ralph came up to her and basically said, “Well, stuff Tess!” until she told him what Freddie meant. He then started going on and asking Emma who else liked him so she asked him if the only reason he liked me was because he thought he had a chance. He said, “No, she’s alright.”

He also told Emma that I was ignoring him at lunch. Okay, so I was, but I didn’t really mean to. Just because I said no when he asked me to play cricket and whether I wanted some ice cream.

After school, Emma and I had to wait around for Ralph coz she’d nicked his pen and had to give it back. She’d been trying to get me to kiss it all through English but I wouldn’t so she told him I had done anyway. He followed us to the canteen where Emma was trying to get me to tell him I liked him. I wouldn’t. He then said that he and Freddie were coming down our way on Friday coz nobody can come to Bolton.


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